Nano Nano is a series of micro character toys and models made from miniature electronic parts and other metal objects.

nano nano phone strap electronic parts recycle toy

Designed by Kouichi Miyajima and created in his atelier, they are sold as phone straps — Japanese people typically have something dangling from their device — but could also sit happily just on a shelf or desk.

We love how they mix retro robot motifs with Disney-esque creatures, and with a very original approach to how they are composed.

nano nano phone strap electronic parts recycle toy

For example, the bodies might be bits of batteries and there might be little hooks for hands. All the eyes are these large black beads, which in any other situation would be a bit scary but here looks super cute.

Each one being handmade they are obviously also all a bit different, even ones ostensibly with the same design.

nano nano phone strap electronic parts recycle toy

Currently on sale at stores at the Tokyo Sky Tree and Roppongi Hills and other specialist shops, this series has developed a bit of a cult following locally.

A couple of models are now available on JapanTrendShop for overseas shipping and no doubt they could deal with any other requests you might have for different models.

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