YouTube Space Tokyo and Toei open samurai drama studio for YouTubers to create own ninja movies

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Google Japan has opened YouTube Space Tokyo, a production studio for YouTube users to film, edit and create original videos.

Made in partnership with film studio Toei, the space also features a set that can be altered into four different period settings. Ever wanted to make a YouTube video on a samurai soundstage? Now’s your chance!

youtube space tokyo studio set samurai drama period jidaigeki toei roppongi hills youtuber

Or at least, it is until May 20th.

YouTube Space Tokyo is located on the 29th floor of Roppongi Hills and joins other studios in Los Angeles, London and elsewhere. It offers tutorials on sword-fighting, special effects and filming. Additional shoots can be done at Toei’s Eigamura in Kyoto, a kind of theme park cum film studio.

The soundstage is currently being used by popular YouTubers such as Asahi Sasaki, Chuck Johnson and Rin Rin Doll. You need to have over 5,000 subscribers on your YouTube channel to qualify (the more subscribers you have, the longer you can use the studio). For collaborations between several YouTubers, the studio can be rented for up to six months.

There are also workshops and a “creators’ cafe”, plus other events.

youtube space tokyo studio set samurai drama period jidaigeki toei roppongi hills youtuber

Toei is famed for its samurai dramas (jidaigeki), a genre usually associated with an older demographic. Now YouTube is making its young and funky again. It’s a notable collaboration between the leader of the digital revolution and one of the stalwarts of Japan’s conservative film industry.

Now celebrating its tenth anniversary, YouTube has been heavily promoting local semi-celebrity YouTubers, hoping to harness grassroots support for the platform. Japan is YouTube’s biggest success story in Asia and it wants to build on its achievements with the help of Japanese-language online stars like Bilingirl, Hikakin, and Hajime.

While the samurai studio is only available until May, the YouTube Space Tokyo is not going away, so look out for more interesting tie-ups in the future.


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Islamic State (IS) threat to kill Japanese hostages quickly inspires social media meme spoofs

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Well, it didn’t take long.

The threat by IS to execute two Japanese hostages, Haruna Yukawa and Kenji Goto, in retaliation to Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s pledge in Israel to help fight Islamic terrorism has already inspired an internet meme.

It comes amidst speculation that the original video posted by IS is actually a fake. In it, Goto and Yukawa are dressed in orange jumpsuits while a knife-wielding man says they will be killed unless a $200 million ransom (the amount Japan committed to fight IS) is received within 72 hours.

is terrorist capture japanese kenji goto haruna yukawa execute ransom

The hashtag #ISISクソコラグランプリ is seeing a lot of spoof images featuring the posing alleged Islamic State militant and his two captives, but with “extra” flourishes. (The meme hashtag — “shitty collage grand prix” — is a common one for sharing funny images online among Japanese netizens.)

These are a few of the many examples that have appeared so far, some of which are very inventive.

islamic state japanese hostages meme internet spoof disney

islamic state japanese hostages meme internet spoof

Here the hostages hold point cards for an electronics store.

islamic state japanese hostages meme internet spoof yodobashi camera point card

Now the three have become the big personae non gratae of 2014: scientist Haruko Obokata, politician Ryutaro Nonomura, and composer Mamoru Samuragochi.

islamic state japanese hostages meme internet spoof Haruko Obokata politician Ryutaro Nonomura composer Mamoru Samuragochi

islamic state japanese hostages meme internet spoof

Surely this isn’t allowed for an Islamic State soldier? They are holding Tenga “onacup” sex toys!

islamic state japanese hostages meme internet spoof tenga onacup

Two of the three have become certain famous North Koreans posing for a photo.

islamic state japanese hostages meme internet spoof north korean kim

Their faces are now decorating an itasha.

islamic state japanese hostages meme internet spoof itasha

Dreaming of okonomiyaki

islamic state japanese hostages meme internet spoof dream okonomiyaki

islamic state japanese hostages meme internet spoof

islamic state japanese hostages meme internet spoof

islamic state japanese hostages meme internet spoof

When two lives are potentially in the balance, is this incredibly coldhearted? Or is it the only possible reaction to such a mindless act as to threaten to murder two innocent people for something their government has done?

Arguably, if the IS video does turn out to be a fake, then laughing at the extremists is the best policy. But if it’s real and Yukawa and Goto are killed (or are already dead), then the joke will definitely no longer be funny.

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Top Google Search keywords and search trends in Japan in 2014

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Google has shared shared the top search terms in Japan for 2014.

google search keywords top results buzz trend japan 2014

Here are the top search terms, which were of course originally in Japanese and so vary slightly from the translation or English equivalent.

Overall Searchword Ranking

1. Yahoo
2. YouTube
3. Facebook
4. Weather forecast
5. Rakuen
6. Amazon
7. Pazudora (Puzzle & Dragons)
8. News
9. Yahoo! Auction
10. Twitter

Trending Words

1. World Cup
2. Yo-Kai Watch
3. Sochi Olympic
4. Typhoon
5. “Frozen”
6. Kei Nishokori
7. Yuzuru Hanyu
8. Dengue fever
9. Ken Takakura
10. Mt Ontake

Trending News

1. World Cup
2. Sochi Olympics
3. Typhoon
4. Dengue fever
5. Mt Ontake
6. Ebola virus
7. Nobel prize
8. Earthquake
9. Asia Games
10. iPhone6

Trending Males

1. Kei Nishikori (tennis player)
2. Yuzuru Hanyu (figure skater)
3. Ken Takakura (actor)
4. Ryutaro Nonomura (politician)
5. Takajin Yashiki (singer, TV personality)
6. Mamoru Samuragoch (composer)
7. ASKA (musician)
8. Sota Fukushi (actor)
9. Noriaki Kasai (ski jumper)
10. Robin Willians (actor, comedian)

Trending Females

1. Haruko Obokata (stem cell biologist)
2. Mao Asada (figure skater)
3. Ayaka Shiomura (politician)
4. Zawachin (celebrity impersonator)
5. Kanna Hashimoto (music idol)
6. Nippon Erekiteru Rengou (comedy duo)
7. Seiko Yamamoto (wrestler)
8. Takako Matsu (actor)
9. May J. (singer)
10. Keiko Kitagawa (actor)

Trending Deceased Persons

1. Ken Takakura (actor)
2. Ken Utsui (actor)
3. Eiichi Ohtaki (actor)
4. Takajin Yashiki (singer, TV personality)
5. Robin Williams (actor, comedian)
6. Keiko Awaji (actor)
7. Takako Doi (politician)
8. Junko Ouchi (fashion critic)
9. Yoshiki Sasai (stem cell biologist)
10. Akio Sanpei (writer)

Trending TV Dramas

1. “Hirugao” (Fuji)
2. “Ashita mama ga inai” (NTV)
3. “Hanko to Anne” (NHK)
4. “Gochisousan” (NHK)
5. “Shitsuren Chocolatier” (Fuji)
6. “Massan” (NHK)
7. “First Class” (Fuji)
8. “Roosevelt Game” (TBS)
9. “Kuroda Kanbei” (“Gushi Kanbei”) (NHK)
10. “Gomen ne seishun” (TBS)

Trending Characters

1. Doraemon
2. Jibanyan (from Yo-Kai Watch)
3. Funassyi
4. Pikachu
5. Kumamon

You can also check our round-up of the top trends of 2014 in Japan, as well as the Twitter buzz words.


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Top Twitter hashtags and trends for Japan in 2014

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Twitter Japan has announced the top ten hashtags and top ten trends for Japan in 2014.

Anime-related hashtags accounted for four of the top ten, while number 8 was taken by a hashtag for Gravure idol selfies. The top hashtag was #nhk24.

top twitter trends hashtags japan 2014
Top trending themes include receipts showing the increase in sales tax on products, as well as plenty of sport like Sochi, Formula 1, and tennis star Kei Nishikori. Less positive moments of the year included the STAP cells scandal and natural disasters such as the Hiroshima landslides and Mt Ontake eruption.

top twitter accounts japan 2014

Trending celebrity Twitter accounts included right-wing politician Toshio Tamogami, comedian Daisuke Muramoto, and Satoshi Fukase from the band Sekai no Owari and (ironically, his girlfriend), Kyary Pamyu Pamyu.



The Online Trend of Summer 2013: Stupidity Goes Viral

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At first, it was sensational. Then it became a trend. Now we’ve all had enough. Someone has been there, and someone else has done that.

This summer, Japan witnessed a great number of youngsters exercising their freedom of expression on the web. In most cases, their “artwork” — or photos — shows them posing inside various equipment or playing with food at their restaurant or store at which they worked part-time.

The picture below was the first to make headline news. It shows a young man inside an ice cream freezer at one of Lawson’s convenience stores in Kamobe, Kochi. The photo was originally uploaded on his friend’s Facebook page on June 18th. Later we learned that he was the son of the store owner.


Lawson was quick to react, not so much to discipline their young employee, but to protect their brand image. They issued a statement on their website, one month later on July 15th, saying that they had decided to terminate the franchise contract with the owner and to close the store “indefinitely” — until they find a new owner.

Following the above post, a number of similar photos went viral on the web, some of which made their way onto TV news.

There was a photo of a Burger King employee lying on a pile of burger buns on the floor. An employee at Marugen the ramen chain restaurant, posted a picture of herself holding frozen sausage in her teeth, winking at the camera. A young guy working at Hotto Motto, one of the biggest bento chains, got himself inside a kitchen fridge presumably trying to take a little nap during his break.

And there was this guy, a Pizza Hut employee who tried a little harder to entertain his fellow workers and some other millions of potential crowd on the web.


In his tweet, he says that it is his “privilege” as an employee at a pizza store who gets to play with pizza dough. The photo was originally taken and uploaded back in May, and the parent company, KFC Japan, posted an apology on its website on August 19th, stating that they would “take severe action” against him. The three months “gap” we can see here tells that he was not necessarily a copycat. When we look at this trend, we should keep in mind that some photos were taken before the Lawson news came out. The “viral” part has a lot more to do with millions of netizens in Japan, trying later to dig out the undiscovered photos of “inappropriate” pranks exposed on the web.

Although many of the affected companies have quickly issued an official apology on their respective websites and stated that they would take “severe action” against the involved parties, some of them completely missed the point. For example, Burger King and KFC Japan stated that the food in the photos was to be disposed of and was never served to customers — as if such excuse could make them less guilty of the act. Hygiene, after all, is not the only issue here, but disrespect. On the other hand, Bronco Billy, a steak chain, went so far as to shut down the store after a photo was discovered of an employee playing inside the kitchen fridge.

Finally, on August 26th, two 19-year-old fishermen in Kushiro, Hokkaido, were arrested for damaging a police car. The photo was posted the day before on August 25th, and they probably never imagined that one Twitter photo could turn into a criminal record in a matter of hours.


Thus (hopefully) concludes the summer trend of 2013. Facebook or Twitter has once again proven itself to be a great tool, allowing us to see what could be happening behind the counter. In fact, there is nothing new about the prank itself. We just didn’t have any visual testimony till now.



Japanese Manga App for Turning Photos into Comic Books

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Forget the retro charms of Instagram, transform the photos taken with your phone into a personal comic book strip instead!

Manga Camera is an phone app that converts your regular image into a frame from a manga comic, complete with onomatopoeic phrases to give an extra edge to the latest portrait of your cat or loved one.

The iPhone app took the country by storm last year and received around 3 million downloads in its initial month of release, 1 million in the first week alone.

Japan is the home of manga (and Purikura photo booths), of course, so this shouldn’t surprise anyone but the relatively simple app really tapped into an as-then hungry niche. This is expanding, though, with a rival “Otaku Camera” app now available as well.

manga camera japan comic book iphone app

The life of the average salaryman could no doubt do with a bit of spicing up and pictures of your colleagues converted into comic book characters is certainly one way to make the twelve-hour stint at the office go faster.

The brainchild of Shunsuke Funaki, Manga Camera received some welcome publicity overseas when it was first released (yes, I know we’re late to the party!) and is still going strong (it released an Android version in December). Downloads are not just from Japanese users either. Taiwanese and Koreans also apparently rank high.

The problem is how to make this kind of app not just a quick blink-and-it’s-gone hit. Sure, there are 32 kinds of manga frames to choose from but can this genre of app keep going? The development time was apparently just under a month — but can the popularity of the app last any longer?

snapee japan purikura phone app

SNS functionality is a must, for sure, as is targeting other Asian regions, especially China.

Other photo-editing local apps on the market that have done a good job with this include Snapeee, which brings the uber-kawaii feminine touches of Purikura to your phone.

There is also miil, an app especially for sharing images of food. The Japanese are obsessed with taking photos of their meals and then uploading them to blogs and social media. Can this more esoteric kind of app, which has also passed local user milestones in the millions, grow in other regions as well? The jury’s out for now.

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Couples only smartphone app Pairy for talkative lovers

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Pairy was announced in June, a special iPhone and Android app just for a couple to communicate between themselves.

Pairy is not a pioneer in a global sense but it might provide solutions to local digital dilemmas.

This year also saw the release of the similarly named Pair, a social networking app just for couples in America. Plus we have recently seen Between in Korea and Lovebyte in Singapore.

But privacy is more important to Japanese web users than Americans and Europeans (sometimes a Google search for a Japanese person will literally bring up nothing). This isn’t just for saccharine and schmaltzy couples: Pairy will mean that you can chat on Facebook and tweet just between yourselves (like the app Path), which is very important for Japanese.

japanese phone app pairy couples

Forgetful men will like that you can have the app notify you about your anniversary and for the sleazier amongst you, you can even chronicle those “milestones” you have reached with your partner (first kiss etc) in a “couple timeline”.

The developers have taken out any potentially negative or problem-causing issues too, such as giveaways like your present location (after all, knowing where your lover is might create all sorts of relationship issues!). There is also a (tongue-in-cheek?) warning at the bottom of their website advising that this is not a service for “monitoring or restricting” your boyfriend or girlfriend. People prone to jealous paranoia will likely find it frustrating.

The focus is on chatting, writing a mutual blog, sharing links and getting information about dates and places to go (restaurants etc) tailored to the particular couple.

There is also a digital “stamps” feature where you can add cute illustrations to express yourself like emoticons (this is surely how they make their money?). In this respect the user interface and interaction retains a very Japanese look.

Line has also seen success with this kind of “virtual sticker shop” feature. A free Japanese phone call and messaging app, it was launched after the 3.11 earthquake and tsunami and currently has some 60 million users worldwide.

japanese phone app pairy couples

Japanese users took to Facebook very slowly because of the concerns over privacy so local developers have found ways to exploit the best things about the platform, while also respecting vernacular worries. According to research by the University of Tokyo’s graduate school in the summer, some 56% of users across the generations are now using some kind of SNS, a 23% jump from 2010 levels. Though it hasn’t been plain sailing for all platforms, that is not to say there isn’t a strong craving for digital communication.

Another reason for Facebook’s initially turgid growth was that Mixi had made such a success out of the “diary” SNS genre. This is still popular, it seems, as witnessed by the launch very recently of wakka (pictured above), a diary app from Cyber Agent for sharing your mini blog entries with your friends.

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