We’ve all had that awkward moment when long-forgotten pictures of an ex suddenly appear in a photo album you are browsing. Or when that box you’d forgotten about under the bed or at the back of the cupboard is discovered by an unsuspecting lover attempting to do some spring cleaning.

Well, Terrada Warehouse has a new service which might just save you from all that unpleasant embarrassment. In fact, it might even save your current relationship!

MinikuLove is a promo campaign where Terrada offers to keep all those memories-infested items in a place safe from prying eyes.

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Terrada already offers storage services for old toys and childhood items that you can’t bear to get rid of but in Japan’s space-strapped apartments, you also don’t want lying around in boxes taking up valuable areas in the closet.

With the MinikuLove campaign, all you need to do is pay 250 yen ($2.45) for a special cardboard box (one per ex-boyfriend or girlfriend). This can be filled up with 30 items (movie ticket stubs from your first date, photo albums of your former lover, a sex tape or two) and then stored for a further 250 yen per month.

There are other options too, such as digitalizing the collection via 360-degree photography or even storing it online so you can take a peek whenever you get nostalgic for that former flame’s face. There is an optional service to have a “proficient employee” to do a recording of a love letter so you have a special CD that you can listen to whenever you want to recreate those former courtship days.

So what things might people store? Well, Terrada Warehouse suggests toothbrushes, teddy bears, photos… and even socks!

The staff can also then convert your stored items into a “love value” figure so you can see how much passion the memories are worth.

Here’s the rather amusing ad for the service:

It’s obviously a very tongue-in-cheek campaign and not surprisingly, the agency responsible is Kayac, who are known for their less than serious approach.