We really love the +d brand by h concept, which works with individual designers to produce very cool but very practical stationery and other fun stuff for the home.

Like that other fun brand Metaphys, past +d successes include the Evolution Eraser, Leaf Thermometer and the Cupmen instant noodle figure timers, which proved a big talking point a few years ago.

kaba crayon hippo

The Kaba Crayons are a new example. Designed by Ryo Shimura, these colorful hippos (kaba) are flat on one side, so you can sit them on your desk or notepad and they then look like real creatures wallowing in a river in Africa.

kaba crayon hippo

Plus the flat side also means you can hold two different crayons at the same time, giving you double the color with each line you draw.

The unusual shape of the hippo allows for a range of drawing possibilities. For example, you can use the head for more detailed work, while the large back and side curves are better for broader strokes.

kaba crayon hippo

This isn’t just an expensive crayon for hipsters’ kids. +d is actually donating part of the sales of the Kaba to environment conservation charities, in keeping with the nature theme of the product.

kaba crayon hippo


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