Gundam nabe, anyone?

In these colder months locals in Japan tend to indulge in some nicely warming nabe hot pots.

But perhaps just plain ol’ regular ingredients like onions, mushrooms and so on aren’t exciting enough anymore. You can have food-shaped like characters out of anime if you are so inclined.

sagamiya gundam tofu photo contest

Following the million-selling success of the previous Zaku Tofu, you can now get your hands on yet another molded tofu, this time in the form of the Z’GOK (Zugokku), one of the mobile suits that feature in the anime franchise Gundam, all courtesy of food-maker Sagamiya. The idea is that you then plonk this oddity in your nabe hot pot to show how your otaku hobbies define your culinary tastes.

sagamiya gundam tofu photo contest

Not just nabe, there’s nothing to stop you customizing other dishes or making toppings for just about anything really if you are desperate to turn your meal into scenes from the meccha series. If you are fast enough, you can also get your hungry hands on dessert tofus too.

And until January 11th you can even upload your own pictures of your Gundam nabe concoctions to a special Z’GOK nabe website and then prizes will be given for the most original entries. Take a look at some of the entries so far.

sagamiya gundam tofu photo contest

So, get your chef’s cap on and start cooking up that anime tofu masterpiece!

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