Studio Ghibli has proven that Japan’s animation films aren’t just for children or hardcore otaku fans: the creations of director Hayao Miyazaki have withstood the test of time and crossed borders to become landmarks of Japanese 20th-century pop culture loved the world over. And now, with the (almost) worldwide Netflix deal, it is time to revisit all the masterpieces and check out some of the cutest Studio Ghibli merch articles that you can find online!


If you are looking to boy My Neighbor Totoro merch online, don’t look any further than this! To celebrate spring in style, the My Neighbor Totoro Sakura Handkerchief is an ideal way to clean your nose, wrap a sandwich, or accessorise for your personal hanami. The Alba My Neighbor Totoro 30th Anniversary Special Edition Watch is a very classy and practical collaboration with Studio Ghibli that has produced something truly unique: a celebration of three decades of what is probably the best known and most beloved anime movie of all time. And if you want to enjoy immersing yourself in Totoro’s world, the My Neighbor Totoro Matsugo Catbus Route Game brings you right into the magical world of Tsukamori Forest.


Just like My Neighbor Totoro, this film has garnered a worldwide fanbase – so it comes as no surprise that you can find amazing Spirited Away merchandise online, too. The Spirited Away Hanafuda Card Set, for example is a pack of classic Japanese hanafuda playing cards, which can be used to play many different games. Of course, one of its most iconic characters Kaonashi, or No-Face, can’t be missing in a list like this, and this Studio Ghibli merch is just as cute as practical. The Kaonashi No-Face Piggy Bank is a money box that automatically takes your coins and saves them for a later date. And if you really want to show your love for No-Face, the Spirited Away Bathhouse Jacket is for you: this stylish apparel inspired by the sento that Chihiro visits in the classic Hayao Miyazawa anime film


Fans of Kiki’s Delivery service will love her cat just as much as the witch herself – and wit the Dancing Jiji Coin Bank, you can show it – while saving money! Kiki’s cute cat isn’t your thing? Creep out friends and delight Studio Ghibli anime fans with the Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind Pullback Toy Ohmu. This toy “car” is based on the multi-eyed giant insects that live in the Valley of the Wind. For Ghibli fans with a green thumb, the Castle in the Sky Laputa Hanging Planter will combine the pleasant with the practical, offering a 360-degree view of the flying island of Laputa from Hayao Miyazaki’s 1986 anime classic. And finally, the Hayao Miyazaki Studio Ghibli Anime Fans are perfect for… fans of cute Ghibli creatures, combining the elegance of the Edo period with some of Miyazaki’s most iconic figures. 

Of course, after re-watching some of your favorite Studio Ghibli films on Netflix, you might want to explore even more cute fan articles and collectibles – and there’s more Studio Ghibli Merch online, and Japan Trend Shop offers it with worldwide shipping!