Whether you are looking for a gift for a beauty guru or simply some relaxation time on your own – these Japanese beauty gadgets will help you bring out your inner beauty in the most unexpected, and sometimes funny, ways.

Ya-Man MediLift Eye

Developed by one of the most trusted and successful Japanese brands in wellness and beauty devices, the Ya-Man MediLift Eye is an EMS mask that is comfortable to wear while it helps to fight the signs of aging on your face. Wear this eye mask for ten minutes a day and enjoy the benefits of its heating and microcurrent technology.

Stainless Steel Cylindrical Four-Way Nail File

Once in a while (and quite often, actually), the Japanese come up with ideas that can change some of our concepts forever. It may sound like a wild exaggeration but take a look at this Stainless Steel Cylindrical Four-Way Nail File and you should see why. Into a small piece of stainless steel, its designers have crammed four different abrasive surfaces that can help you take care of any broken nail emergency.

 Super Age Max Face Lift Stretching Mask

Use the Super Age Max Face Lift Stretching Mask for just five minutes a day to help combat the signs of aging. Suffering from sagging cheeks and chin? Want to restore that youthful look to the skin around your eyes? Place this mask over your face and let it work its magic on your visage. It offers a snug fit that is painless yet effective. This is a twin set of two anti-sag stretching masks for your chin and eye areas. Use them both together for the best results.

Bihari Oyasumi Mouth Wrinkle Sheets

It’s an undeniable fact: among the many signs that time leaves on our faces, wrinkles are the most annoying because they are the most conspicuous. Especially in the part between the nose and the mouth, right above the upper lip, the tiny vertical lines are among the most dreaded sights for a woman to see in her mirror. Thankfully, the Bihari Oyasumi Mouth Wrinkle Sheets can help to make them disappear.

Face Thera Self Beauty Therapy Stimulator

With the Face Thera Self Beauty Therapy Stimulator, you can give every part of your face a youthful lift all from the comfort of home. Using electrical muscle stimulation technology, this device helps rejuvenate and tighten up the skin on your face. Just attach the two panels to the desired area of your face, and set the easy-to-use remote to the setting you’d like and how long you want your course to last. The Face Thera Self Beauty Therapy Stimulator is also light and portable, meaning you can take it with you when you are on a trip.

Of course, there are many, many more Japanese beauty gadgets you can explore online, and get them delivered worldwide, to your doorstep.