We’ve blogged before about how Japanese eyewear brands are pretty interesting in what they do to promote themselves to a circumspect but myopic public.

Now eyewear retailer ALOOK has got together with game franchise Monster Hunter to offer a series of glasses, Hito-kake ikouze!

monster hunter eyewear alook glasses

Sounds like a bit of a mouthful but it’s a play on words using the video game’s catch-phrase, “Let’s go for a hunt!” (Hito-kari ikouze!) with the verb for wearing glasses (kakeru). So I guess it translates roughly as “Let’s go for a wear!” Right, in English it isn’t going to win any copywriting awards.

monster hunter eyewear alook glasses

Monster Hunter is a hit RPG from Capcom and a new version of the game comes out for the Wii U very soon.

There are ten species in this new line-up of ALOOK glasses, each one based on a different character in the Monster Hunter beastiary.

monster hunter eyewear alook glasses

Each pair of spectacles comes with its own special colored case and customized wipe cloth.

Curiously (or am I just being an unwitting snob?), it’s being presented as a stylish collaborative design eyewear accessory, not just yet another example tie-up merchandise trying to lure collectors and fans.

monster hunter eyewear alook glasses

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