J-Pop diva Namie Amuro becomes Koppu no Fuchiko capsule toy who sits on your cup

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Fancy having Namie Amuro on your cup?

If you recall, Koppu no Fuchiko (literally “Fuchiko on the edge of the cup”) was originally a Gachapon capsule toy created by Kitan Club. The mini mini Office Lady figure perches or hangs from your cup. A simple but cute idea — and it took off. There have been several series, a pop-up cafe in Harajuku, and the capsule toy has even now become a piece of merchandising for Japan’s biggest pop diva, Namie Amuro.

koppu no fuchiko namie amuro j-pop singer capsule toy

This isn’t as random as it sounds, since Amuro is a famous example of hattoushin bijin, a beautiful girl with her head one-eighth the size of her body. In other words, she kind of looks like a doll!

koppu no fuchiko namie amuro j-pop singer capsule toy

To coincide with Amuro’s latest arena tour, there is going to be a new Fuchiko model called “Diva who came down to earth to sit on your cup” — or just “Koppu no Fuchi no Amuro” for short. Look out for it around Japan from August 22nd, when her tour kicks off in Shizuoka. It will be sold through Namie Amuro’s website, Tower Records online store, and at Amuro’s concerts as part of a ¥3,000 ($30) concert pack.

koppu no fuchiko namie amuro j-pop singer capsule toy

As miniature J-Pop divas go, this is quite well done. Amuro’s trademark knee-high boots and hairstyle have been faithfully replicated on this mini toy, which measures a very petite 50mm. But does she sing?


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Pop idol group Perfume turn Hiroshima Prefecture tourism guidebook into mega hit

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The sad truth is that sometimes Japanese consumers are a simple bunch. Forget complex marketing strategies or clever stunts. The way to their hearts is just to put a famous person on the front of whatever it is you’re selling.

Hence why there are so many TV commercials and other ads featuring the same gallery of celebrities. Hence why Hollywood films will have some random Japanese model appear at a press conference to promote the movie. And hence why this free 126-page guide for Hiroshima Prefecture tourism has sold out immediately after it hit the shelves.

nakeru hiroshima perfume tourism booklet magazine guide sold out popular

It was published and released on July 14th but reprints have already been ordered. How come? Well, in order to give the booklet a push, the folk at Hiroshima made the decision to pay a no doubt not inconsiderable pile of cash to have Perfume to appear on the cover, looking cute and pop like the trio of young girls always do.

Within two hours of launching the campaign website, they had already reached the limit for 2,000 reservations, and now the publishers are getting orders from book stores all over the country, desperate to get their hands on the rare booklet. The initial run of 50,000 copies is almost all gone and the next run won’t arrive until mid-August.

nakeru hiroshima perfume tourism booklet magazine guide sold out popular

The idea to include Perfume in the “Nakeru! Hiroshima-ken” (literally, “Hiroshima Prefecture that will make you cry!”) booklet and campaign is not as cynical as it sounds, since the girls originally hail from the region (it does, though, time in nicely with the release of their latest single). They also appear in a short PR video and are interviewed in the book.

The best place to get a copy in Tokyo is from the TAU Hiroshima Prefecture Store in Ginza, though at time of writing it no longer has any guidebooks left.

nakeru hiroshima perfume tourism booklet magazine guide sold out popular

We’ve long struggled to understand the popularity of Perfume. On a superficial level, they are hardly what you might think of as glamorous. Rather, like many idol groups, they are presented as “amateurs” and this is reflected in that basically only one could be called beautiful. But it also shows in their ultimately fairly limited abilities to sing and dance, let alone write their own songs. Their managers are savvy folk and know to employ talented people to make cool music videos and album covers, which raises their sophistication. But what is the appeal of the Perfume girls themselves? Clearly they must have something, as this latest development shows!

Now we just have to see if the Perfume effect can actually increase tourism in Hiroshima.


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Japanese idol metal band Babymetal appears in UK fashion magazine i-D

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The website for UK fashion magazine i-D currently features Japanese idol group Babymetal. Online you can find an interview with the three young Japanese ladies, “bringing kawaii-metal to the world”.

Part gothic Lolita, part heavy metal, Babymetal have just appeared at Sonicsphere along with the likes of Iron Maiden. The three-piece is SU-METAL (16), YUIMETAL (15) and MOAMETAL (15), who certainly know how to scream.

baby metal kawaii idol band japanese i-d magazine world tour

i-D claims that Babymetal’s “eponymous debut album headed straight to the top of the charts worldwide, with a unique sound that merges Slayer with the very best dance mat anthems.” Well, we’re not sure they have their facts right (top of the charts worldwide?) but we like their enthusiasm. “It is awesome. With an incredible energy and a performance unlike anything you’ve seen before, a new legend is born.”

Here are some extracts from the “giggle-filled interview ahead of the band’s very first, very sold-out, London show.”

How was Sonisphere?

SU-METAL: It was the first time that we performed on such a huge stage so before we went on we were very nervous. The audience cheered lots so it made us very happy.

I heard that you performed on the same stage as Iron Maiden, who you’ve said before is your favorite metal band, how was that?

SU-METAL: We actually stayed on to watch their performance and we were like “did we really just play the same stage as them?!” It was really unbelievable.

You met some legendary metal bands too!

SU-METAL: Yes! Backstage at Sonisphere we were wearing BABYMETAL tshirts that reference classic metal bands like Anthrax, Slayer and Megadeath, so people recognise those and come to talk to us. So we took photos with some of the artists which was really cool.

Tell us about the fox god…

SU-METAL: We don’t really know what the fox god like because we’ve never met it, but we always have this message from this little master and we act accordingly. So we’re doing this European tour because of the calling. We’ve managed to achieve so many things that we would never even have dreamed of, so we really feel that there is a fox god leading us.

How does metal music make you feel? Angry? Powerful?

SU-METAL: It is more to do with my relation to the music, but whenever I perform it’s different to how I feel normally. I’m quite shy myself – I don’t actually go out dancing and headbanging but when I become SU-METAL and perform, it’s not embarrassing anymore. So when I perform, there are new discoveries in myself.

You’re supporting Lady Gaga. Are you excited?

SU-METAL: We’re all so excited! It still feels like a dream.

Her sound is very different to kawaii-metal, how do you think her fans will react?

SU-METAL: You’re right — in terms of music we’re completely different, but we ourselves didn’t know about metal music before Babymetal. When we first heard it we thought ‘what the hell is this?!’ but found it very interesting and enjoyed it, so I think the fans of Lady Gaga who don’t normally listen to metal music might feel the same way as us.

If you weren’t in Babymetal, what do you think you’d be doing right now?

SU-METAL: Just going to school and studying like ordinary kids. I don’t think we’d have the opportunity to go abroad or anything like that.

Which characters do you think you’re most like?

MOAMETAL: My favorite animation is “Love Live” and there is a character called Honoka Kosaka and I think I’m most like her, but who I aspire to be like is Nausicaa from “Valley of the Wind”.

YUIMETAL: I would like to be the Little Mermaid so I can live in the sea

SU-METAL: I would like to be the lead girl in Mama-Mia because she’s such a positive thinker.

This is the trailer to the band’s world tour, which kicked off in March in Tokyo.

Two years ago, in a country far, far away… It is a period of pop music. Rebel idols, striking from a hidden base in Japan, have won their first victory against the boring music empire. During the battle, the kitsune-sama fox god revealed his ultimate weapon, BABYMETAL, a kawaii-metal band with enough power to drive the metal resistance and restore musical freedom to the galaxy…

i-D magazine has been a stable for over 30 years now, famed for its wink-and-smile front covers and its coverage of the world’s fashion elite.


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Nigo directs idol group BiS “Nerve” music video for Vice Japan

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Idol unit BiS’s latest music video is directed by none other than fashion legend Nigo. “Nerve” has been released as a collaboration with 2.5D and Vice Japan, and features the female idols partly all dressed in school swimsuits.

BiS nerve music video nigo vice japan

The end of the video even includes a little easter egg with a part of the song “mirror mirror” (bombs BiS), made in collaboration with the band Vampilla.

Nigo is a music producer and of course the man behind A Bathing Ape (Bape). He also handled the music directing duties for the Japan version of Pharrell Williams’ “Happy” (the official music video, not the spin-offs). That video also features the likes of model Kiko Mizuhara and even unofficial mascot Funassyi.

The six-girl group BiS are no stranger to unusual publicity stunts, having in the past done a 24-hour 100km marathon race and even auctioned off their housewifery labor for three hours via Yahoo! Auction. Fashion designer Junko Koshinko officially joined the group in October 2013. They have already planned their departure from the competitive idol scene, though, with a Yokohama Arena concert in July being announced as their final one.

“Nerve” is actually a release from 2011, here given a new treatment by Nigo. Is this a good use of Nigo’s talents? You decide.

Here’s a making-of video (sorry, no English subtitles).


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Japan Twin Tail Association launches drop, the world’s first pigtail hair idol group

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Move over AKB48. There’s a new idol group in town and they’ve got pigtails. In fact, that’s their main asset.

The “Japan Twin Tail Association” has been around for a little while, promoting their love of all things pig tail (called “twin tail” in Japanese). Back in 2012 the association declared February 2nd “Twin Tail Day” (put it in your diary) and has launched numerous photo books and other merchandise to push its tastes on the rest of the world. One of the most esoteric of these must be the series it produced earlier this year of pigtail girls posing with guns.

japan twin tail pigtail idol girl otaku machine gun

Now they have made a plunge into the big time with the launch of the first pigtails specialist idol group, drop.

drop japan twin tail pigtail idol group girl otaku

Misato Misaki, Hikari Takiguchi and Shizuka Sugino were all born in 1994 and are veterans of various TV ads and other “twin tail” projects. Together they form drop, who will perform their first live performance on July 6th at the Idol Yokocho Summer Festival 2014.

drop japan twin tail pigtail idol girl otaku

We’re a little confused that the girls don’t have pigtails in the traditional sense but I guess there is some room for interpretation in the twin tails universe.

drop japan twin tail pigtail idol girl otaku

Idol groups are a dime a dozen these days and you have to stand out somehow to make a difference. Will drop have what it takes? Only time will tell.


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Takashi Murakami directs Hatsune Miku video “Last Night, Good Night (Re:Dialed)”, re-mixed by Pharrell Williams

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Artist Takashi Murakami has directed the music video for virtual idol Hatsune Miku’s song, “Last Night, Good Night (Re:Dialed)”. It has also been re-mixed by Pharrell Williams, whose “Happy” has inspired some neat Tokyo videos recently.

last night good night re-dialed takashi murakami hatsune miku pharrell williams

Not surprisingly, then, Murakami has put Williams into the video. He’s the black guy with the hat.

The song is actually not new, dating from last year. But this new collaboration is a promo for Murakami’s feature-length film debut “Jellyfish Eyes”, currently screening in America until early June, on a tour organized by Blum & Poe, Murakami’s American gallery.

Billed as “a big screen tale of poignant memories and wondrous dreams,” it was, however, not a success in Murakami’s native Japan. The film had a troubled production, with Murakami frequently rejecting his animators’ efforts to make the characters he had created move in the way he wanted. The financial losses — Murakami and his company apparently poured in some $7 million — and the unhappy scenes behind-the-scenes have likely scuppered Murakami’s vision of two sequels.


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Pharrell Williams “Happy” gets Harajuku treatment

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Everywhere you go at the moment you seem to hear the Pharrell Williams song “Happy”.

“Zero air-play, nothing. And the next thing you know, we put out the video on November 21 and all of a sudden—boom. I mean, when I say boom, I mean boooooom,” the behattted ever-young singer and producer told Oprah Winfrey in a recent TV interview.

“And we were like, what’s happening? First of all, people are putting up their own videos. It was like no longer my song.”

He can add another fan video to that growing list now as some folk in Harajuku have got together to create a version of “Happy”.

pharrell williams happy harajuku harajukuhappytimes music video

Starring a host of local people, including Shibuya City Mayor Toshitake Kuwahara, BEAMS CEO Yo Shitara, FIG&VIPER’s Arisa Ueno and even sumo wrestlers, they all get jiggy to the “Happy” beat on the streets of Tokyo’s famous fashion town.

Of course, this is an already familiar meme (arguably already on the wane) but we still like this local version. The video comes courtesy of a team who go by the very apt name of #harajukuhappytimes.

See how many of the locations you can recognize.

There is also this slightly less slick version filmed in a similar area with a smaller cast of (international-looking) Tokyo types.



Avril Lavigne “Hello Kitty” music video jumps on pop Japan bandwagon

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The second Canadian pop star to run afoul of Japan this week! Following Justin Bieber’s innocent visit to a certain shrine in central Tokyo, now comes Avril Lavigne’s music video where she pines for Hello Kitty.

A lot of the internet right now is blabbering about what may be the most cringeworthy music video to hit out eyeballs in a while.

Avril Lavigne, the rock-pop princess who is still only 29 despite seemingly having been a fixture for decades, has decided to go the way of Gwen Stefani and so many others with a Japan-inspired song that is very inappropriate in its appropriations.

avril lavigne hello kitty music video

While Avril has laughed off the claims by some that the video is racist, the video went online earlier this week (initially leaked unofficially) and has attracted a backlash from both fans and critics. “An Embarrassment In Any Language” is how Billboard described it.

Avril responded on Facebook: “RACIST??? LOLOLOL!!! I love Japanese culture and I spend half of my time in Japan. I flew to Tokyo to shoot this video specifically for my Japanese fans, WITH my Japanese label, Japanese choreographers AND a Japanese director IN Japan.” Fair enough.

Conceptual talk of fetishization aside, we don’t find the video offensive towards Japan per se, though we find it rather silly and derivative (didn’t Ms Stefani do this and so much better many moons ago?). What we dislike is that it uses an image of “Tokyo” to indulge in some bad dancing and lip-synching, and a zillion lazy tropes (expressionless identical Asian women, sushi, trains, weird attempts to speak snippets of Japanese). All that money and effort (and at least some talent, surely) begs the question: Couldn’t they have done something better?

Judge for yourself with the video here:

Well, however you feel about the video, the “controversy” has meant it has quickly attracted large traffic, which is a victory for the record label at any rate.


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Hatsune Miku + Gakken create Otona no Kagaku Pocket Miku Singing Keyboard

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Another day, another intriguing Hatsune Miku collaboration.

From expensive opera productions to every piece of merchandise an otaku can get his hands on, Hatsune Miku is not just a virtual idol, she’s a veritable industry in her own right.

Now her paymasters have got together with Gakken, the company behind the Otona no Kagaku (“adult science”) series of magazines that always come with some sort of model or build-it-yourself kit.

Hatsune Miku Gakken Otona no Kagaku Pocket Miku Singing Keyboard

The latest issue of Otona no Kagaku is bound to sell out fast because it features a Pocket Miku Singing Keyboard. The nifty DSX-39 digital pocket keyboard is preloaded with samples of Hatsune Miku’s unique vocals. Just use the touch stylus to play five sounds in the signature eVocaloid style.

Hatsune Miku Gakken Otona no Kagaku Pocket Miku Singing Keyboard

You can vary the octave and do other tricks. Here you can see someone trying it out.

If you’re a fan of Hatsune Miku, you can order your own Pocket Miku Singing Keyboard via JapanTrendShop.


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