Chogokin Hello Kitty Robot Model celebrates 40th anniversary of Sanrio character

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It’s hard to believe that Sanrio’s most successful creation and Japan’s most famous cat is 40 years old!

It’s true, Hello Kitty turns 40 this year and to celebrate Sanrio is teaming with Bandai to offer a special Chogokin model version of the feline character.

This isn’t just a random collaboration. Popy’s Chogokin models are also 40 this year and while the two series typically attract different kinds of fans, there’s nothing like an innovative pairing like this to inspire a new generation of fans.

Behold the Chogokin Hello Kitty Robot.

chogokin hello kitty robot model bandai sanrio tamashii nations

Kitty is of course actually meant to be British, which the official video for the toy references at the start. The toy she drops in the pond is from Mazinger Z, the manga and anime which featured the fictitious material chogokin (“super alloy”) and was the genesis for the series of die-cast metal robot and character toys.

The idea is that Kitty updated into a Chogokin Hello Kitty Robot by a fairy as a reward for being honest. The new Kitty can swim underwater (“Dive Mode”), fly in the sky (“Flight Mode”) and even do battle with black cats (“Fight Mode”) with a powerful “Robot Punch”.

chogokin hello kitty robot model bandai sanrio tamashii nations

While she isn’t an actual robot — sorry, you have to make her move yourself — the attention to detail is impressive, not least all the functions (the aforementioned “Robot Punch” and changing eyes), plus there’s even a mini Kitty who sits inside the head as the “pilot” — just twist Kitty’s ribbon to open up the capsule!

chogokin hello kitty robot model bandai sanrio tamashii nations

The Chogokin Hello Kitty Robot Model will be released in late June.


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Bandai Hako Vision: A mini projection mapping theatre in your hand

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Projection mapping has really taken off in Japan.

Recently we have seen Tokyo Station being transformed in a video spectacle, as well as the Yokohama Odyssey event at a historical dockyard, and even Kyary Pamyu Pamyu turn Tokyo Tower into an interactive digital theme park.

bandai hako vision light box projection mapping

Now you can have projection mapping on Tokyo landmarks in your hand with the Hako Vision by Bandai. It uses a special app on your handheld device to conjure up a video spectacle courtesy of Ryotaro Muramatsu (Naked Inc.).

bandai hako vision light box projection mapping

There are two versions: Tokyo Hikari Vision (at Tokyo Station) and Karakuri (at the Tokyo National Museum). Tokyo Hikari Vision is a fairytale spectacle, while Karakuri is a lively trip through time, filled with historical motifs.

bandai hako vision light box projection mapping

But you don’t need all the wizardry and technical know-how of real projection mapping to operate this light show. All you need to do is read the code on the box and then set your device on top, turning the box into a mini theatre on your hand.

bandai hako vision light box projection mapping

But it’s not all just contemporary digital technology. Actually Bandai is making a nice rift here on something quite old. Shokugan are kinds of “small world” toys where you would get a box with a toy and candy in it. These are still popular today and you can find a corner of a supermarket with sets of toys and sweets. Bandai sees the Hako Vision in this vein and as such has included a piece of candy with the box.

bandai hako vision mobile suit gundam

And for the anime fans, there are also these two Mobile Suit Gundam versions, available in either RX-78-2 Gundam or MS-06S ZAKU II models, currently set for release in the spring.

bandai hako vision mobile suit gundam


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Koppu no Fuchiko Capsule Toy: Japan’s Pop Culture Obsession with Small Girls

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The Koppu no Fuchiko (“Fuchiko on the edge of the cup”) by Kitan Club and Katsuki Tanaka was first released in 2012 as a Gashapon capsule toy. In a nutshell, it’s a series of cute figurines of an Office Lady (OL) in various poses.

Doesn’t sound like much to make a fuss about, right? Well, if you think that then you are obviously not a Japanese consumer!

koppu no fuchiko cup office lady figure japan capsule toy chibi tiny girl

It proved a bit huge hit for Kitan Club, who quickly followed up with other capsule toy series in 2013. And then came the merchandise. Now there are notepads, cups, t-shirts, bags, socks… Fuchiko is everywhere!

Who is buying Fuchiko’s goodies? We thought geeky guys at first but then we came across female consumers in their thirties who were avidly purchasing all the kawaii Fuchiko stuff they could lay their hands on.

Japan has a bit of an obsession with “small” stuff, especially girls.

koppu no fuchiko cup office lady figure japan capsule toy chibi tiny girl

There is plenty of chibi (“runt”) in manga and anime, and typically means the kind of SD drawings of girls popular in various forms of otaku culture. It has even spawned its own sub-genre of “shrinking girl” erotic manga (ero manga) called Koonago (*NSFW*).

Traditionally one of the archetypes of beauty was the hattoushin bijin, the girl with a head one-eighth the size of her head. This is still used as a compliment for certain fashion models with doll-like proportions.

koppu no fuchiko cup office lady figure japan capsule toy chibi tiny girl

If you don’t live in Japan and can’t go in search of Fuchiko in the country’s Gashapon capsule vending machines, Fuchiko is also now available as a seven-figure set via JapanTrendShop.


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Christmas 2013 Gift Guide from Japan

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We have long ago run out of those “standard” Japanese gifts that we can get away with sending out relatives back home. You know the ones, right? Green tea. Chopsticks. Sake cups. And so on. What happens when you run out of ideas?

Well, if you look around, though, there are loads of cool gadgets, designer accessories, toys and household items that will make great and unexpected gifts.

The follow is just a very small sampling of the range of lifestyle and tech products available from the JapanTrendShop.

Gakken Worldeye

gakken world eye

Learning can be fun and awe-inspiring, as Gakken is well aware. That’s why they created this remarkable Worldeye, a dome screen that offers you a realistic visual experience of the world. Discover science and geography like you never knew you could with this projection globe, featuring high quality images of world altitudes, seismic faults, forestation, bird migration, wind patterns and more.

Deoest Odor Eliminating Deodorant Underwear

inodore deoest smell odor eliminate underwear

Be smelly no more with these Deoest Odor Eliminating Deodorant Underwear, which has been designed to kill some 95% of gas and sweat and other foul odors. It might look like an ordinary pair of boxers but the Deoest Odor Eliminating Deodorant Underwear by Inodore has nano-level ceramic and metallic ions that fight and break down stinky particles. A life-saver!

Monos Plugo Extension Lead

plugo monos extension lead

This has been around for a few years now but it still looks great, and super practical too! Product designer Masayuki Kurakata knows how important it is to consider even something so banal as an extension lead, and that’s why he came up with the Plugo by Monos, a donut-shaped three-plug receptacle and extension lead.

Mocoro Robotic Fur Ball Vacuum Cleaner

mocoro vacuum cleaner fur ball robot

This “microfiber hop ball” is one of the funnest in the recent trend for robotic vacuum cleaners in Japan. The Mocoro might sound like a bizarre but sophisticated piece of technology — a colorful “fur” ball that rolls automatically around home cleaning — but actually its beauty lies in its simplicity. All you need to do is clean the furry cover and then let the ball do the rest!

Nanoblock 2014 Nengajo Horse New Year Card

nanoblock nengajo 2014 new year post card

Not for Christmas per se, but you can celebrate New Year in a unique way with this. The Japanese send each other New Year postcards rather than Xmas cars. These are called nengajo and can be rather generic, though a lot of people write or even paint their own. Now you can be really unusual with this Nanoblock 2014 Nengajo Horse New Year Card, that uses the popular micro blocks to build a horse and bird model. (2014 is the Year of the Horse in Japan.)

Hybrid Hard iPhone5 Protective Film

hybrid hard iphone 5 protective case film

This is for the gadget-lovers out there. This Hybrid Hard iPhone5 Protective Film is getting great reviews locally. Smashed screen? Scratched display? These will be problems no longer with this Hybrid Hard iPhone5 Protective Film. The Hybrid Hard is easy to apply and keep clean, and is made from Acier, a UV cure type hard coating solvent, combined with a transparent SHORAYAL film. Highly resistant to abrasion and shocks, it also protects against pesky fingerprints.

USB Cup Warmer, Cooler Holder by Thanko

usb cup holder heater cooler

Another gadget, this time from Thanko, who know a thing or two about unusual gizmos. Keep yourself powered up for work whether it’s winter (or summer) with the USB Cup Warmer, Cooler Holder. Just connect your computer or other device’s USB port to the cup holder and it will maintain a cool or hot temperature perfect for continuing to enjoy your drink no matter how long that presentation takes you to finish. After all, when it’s winter and you’re keeping yourself warm with a hot cup of tea, the last thing you want is it to cool down. And likewise, in the summer, you want a drink that stays chilled.

Pop Up Pirate Hello Kitty

pop up pirate hello kitty

For lovers (young and old) of kawaii and Japan’s favorite cat character, this Pop Up Pirate Hello Kitty is based on the 1975 Pop-up Pirate toy where you have to place swords in the barrel until the pirate jumps up. This time the buccaneer is super cute, as Kitty-chan always is!

Heck, if this isn’t enough for you, check out all the other Hello Kitty items there are!


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Not just for kids! Gashapon capsule toys thriving in new designs

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It used to be that Gashapon capsule toys were ostensibly just for kids who wanted to collect and play with small toy items and character figures from their favorite anime, games and comic book series. Of course, there was always another group of geeky adult collectors, too, who had a little bit more freedom to use as much as money they wanted to spend on Gashapon, in pursuit of finding the rarest character. But now Gashapon are for everyone, even office workers.

Gashapon are sold in small plastic capsules that you buy from special “crank” vending machines, usually to be found in rows around certain kinds of stores, especially electronics stores. The world of Gashapon, as with many other toy products, has certainly evolved from having its sales rely in large part on already popular entities in the market to finding and promoting its own original toys.

Two series from Kitan Club, Dogeza Straps and Fuchiko on Cups have gained popularity among office workers for obvious reasons. While Dogeza Straps show the resilient spirit of salarymen posing in the ultimate physical position for begging called dogeza (pay close attention to his face too!), Fuchiko is dressed up in the typical office uniform worn by many female workers, especially those who work as receptionists and secretaries at giant corporations.


Kitan Club has released several different versions of Fuchiko, but this is their first series. There is a distinctly moe flavor to Fuchiko, wouldn’t you say?

gashapon capsule toy moe character fuchiko

gashapon capsule toy moe character fuchiko

Bandai’s smartpants might be the last thing you’d want for your phone, but it certainly doesn’t hurt to have another one or two sets of underwear in the closet, right?


This past summer, they released a Mt. Fuji version, which nicely coincided with Japan’s tallest peak being awarded UNESCO World Heritage Site status.


From Bandai, there is one more we just can’t overlook. It’s a key chain that lets you openly pick the nose in public. The series title might be too obvious but is well marketed: Hojirerun-desu – or “You can pick this nose.”


Takara Tomy, another toy giant, has recently established their own capsule toy brand called Panda no ana. They have released two series so far: Same-furai – or fried sharks and “ZooZooZoo.”



Just remember. The point of these capsule toys is not to ask about the point. It’s not only the product that you purchase with 200 yen — but the thrill that comes from the act of turning the crank of the vending machine, knowing that inside the capsule might just be that extra special toy in the series you have spent months looking for… or just another copy of the same figure you already have in your bulging collection.


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Japanese Language Script Toys: Mojibakeru Kana, Manga Ice Cubes, and more

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The Japanese language is a creative thing, not least due to its multiple scripts — kanji ideographs, and the syllabaries hiragana and katakana, plus there is distinctly Japanese use of the Roman alphabet. All of this means the language is a dream for copywriters churning out phrases for advertising and is one of the reasons why posters and ads — especially those inside trains — feature so much text.

Kanji and kana are visually complex, making them hard to learn in some ways but also a bountiful source of fun. Kids can also get a lot from playing around with scripts while at the same time learning.

One of the most famous is the Henohenomoheji “face” you can make with seven hiragana characters.


Now comes this Mojibakeru Kana, a series of animal shape toys that you can put together to form kana letters — and vice versa. The name comes from mojibake, which is the local word for garbled text, like when a computer file goes wrong and all you can see are lines of gobbledygook.

mojibakeru kana

There are Bird, Monkey, Snake, Squirrel or Elephant versions. The separate kana shapes both spell out the animal’s name in Japanese, and then can be combined to make a typographical version of the creature.

mojibakeru kana

If drinks and manga are more your thing, then you make ice or chocolates in the shape of katakana comic book “sound effects” with the Manga Kori Comic Ice.

manga kori comic ice katakana sound effect

Finally, another one we also like that also uses sound effects is the Onomatopoeia Sound Karuta Card Speaker Game, which mixes audio with cards while testing your listening skills and vocabulary.

Onomatopoeia Sound Karuta Card Speaker Game japanese language test

The “dealer” slots a card into the back of the included speaker, which then belts out the word, which is a sound effect you can find in manga. Grab the right corresponding card from the deck in front of the players to score a point! There are actually several games you can play, depending on the number of players, including quizzes to see who can make regular words by connecting different onomatopoeia sounds that the speaker barks out.

Onomatopoeia Sound Karuta Card Speaker Game japanese language test width=

These kinds of toys are also great for anyone studying Japanese or who loves the language.


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Celebrate Mt Fuji’s new World Heritage status with Fuji Smart Pants on your smartphone

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After years of campaigning, Mt Fuji, Japan’s highest peak and an ingenious piece of natural symmetry, was recently finally elevated to that status that perhaps of all people the Japanese seem to be obsessed with — UNESCO World Heritage.

This has led to a flurry of media excitement as well as lots of tie-in merchandise, plus some beard-stroking from pundits about how to preserve what is essentially a sacred mountain but is “climbed” (more like strolled up) by hundreds of thousands of tourists annually.

Well, you could also just put that all aside and get your hands on some Mt Fuji Smart Pants.

mount fuji unesco world heritage bandai gashapon toy capsule smart pants

Unless you are a micro person you might have some serious trouble fitting into these, but nonetheless your mobile wardrobe is now complete with Bandai’s summer line-up of Gashapon toy capsules, which includes this remarkable — profane? — mini upside-down Mt Fuji.

You clip it onto the top of your smartphone (hence the “smart” in “smart pants”) and then you have Japan’s most famous mountain as a kind of phone bandana-cum-underwear.

ount fuji unesco world heritage bandai gashapon toy capsule smart pants

There are eight versions, all in the Mt Fuji — sorry, pants shape, but with colors varying from stripes to dots to even rather menacing pink “spikes”.

mount fuji unesco world heritage bandai gashapon toy capsule smart pants

The series — actually Bandai’s second like this — go on sale at Gashapon capsule vending machines in late July.


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Takara Tomy Chupa Chups Ice Candy Maker for kids and creative sweet-tooths

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For a country with a declining birthrate (and by extension, the population as a whole), Japan’s toy manufacturers are not showing any signs of giving up.

Granted it hasn’t been plain sailing for Takara Tomy, which was formed from the merger of two troubled toy-makers, but every year they continue to release fun and inventive products.

Now comes this Chupa Chups Ice Candy Maker, which combines the Japanese love for creative cuisine and their innate silliness (don’t let the austerity of some of the classical arts fool you!).

Takara Tomy Chupa Chups Ice Candy Maker okashina lollipop

The subtitle for the product is “okashina”, which is a pun, since it can be mean “strange” or “sweets”. And that’s about right: you can create all manner of bizarre but sugary delights with this candy maker.

Just stick your Chupa Chups lollipop (or similar lollipop) into the Ice Candy Maker and use the funnel to add a warm flavored liquid (examples include juices, cola, milk, melted chocolate, cocoa etc).

Takara Tomy Chupa Chups Ice Candy Maker okashina lollipop

Then rotate using the handle and the candy will melt off your lollipop in a few minutes, spinning and making a ginormous blob of sweetness. The last thing to do is store it overnight in the fridge and be patient. The next day you will you very own customized ice treat.

With its emphasis on “spinning” fun and making your own customized summer treats, the Chupa Chups Ice Candy Maker also reminds us of Takara Tomy’s hit from last year, the Gurefure Chuchu.

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Tin Toy Utopia! Horikawa Retro Robot Toys are alive and well!

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A long time ago, long before we had augmented reality toys or flying gadgets that interacted with your smartphone — long before even anime had really got going and brought with it the toppling mountain of tie-up merchandise… there were other ways to keep kids amused.

Japanese children in the years after the war had tin toys to entertain themselves with, not least of which the beloved ones made by Horikawa.

Most famously Horikawa made tin robots, such as the iconic Star Strider.

buriki horikawa star stride tin toy robot retro japan

Readers who reside in Japan may have seen these kinds of toys in stores that stock unconventional or deliberately off-beat products, like Village Vanguard. You may have wondered what ancient anime they were spin-offs from. Actually, these robots are stand-alone delights and we love how they move!

Horikawa made loads of these kinds of tin (buriki) toys. Sadly, the times were a-changing.

The company went out of business in the Eighties but its heritage was taken up by Metal House, another company and originally a Horikawa sub-contractor, who have been doing their best ever since to keep manufacturing tin toys for new generations.

It’s a tough racket, given that even mega-hitters like Takara Tomy have struggled over the years (hence why “Takara” and “Tomy” joined together) and a cynic might carp that it is all in vain, given the nation’s declining birth rate.

Well, Star Strider robots are still around and frankly, we think these moving, buzzing, flashing ‘bots, while not quite in the realms of the Robi or Honda ASIMO, are nevertheless pretty cool — cool enough that adults, especially the hipster retro-lovin’ variety, would also definitely like them.

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