About half a year ago, we gave you an overview of the 5 best 2020 Olympics merchandise products to date. But of course, as the biggest sporting event of the decade comes closer, there are many more amazing official Olympics products coming out – and we are here to tell you all about them!

All of the products in this article are available online and ship worldwide – so you can get them, whether you want to prepare for your trip to the Olympic Games in Japan, or get them to cheer from your own country!

  1. Tokyo 2020 Olympics Japanese Jacket

A piece of Americana-inspired Japanese postwar fashion comes brilliantly back to life, with a 2020 twist! The Tokyo 2020 Olympics Yokosuka Sukajan Jacket is based on the clothing items that were made and sold to American soldiers stationed in the city of Yokosuka, west of Tokyo, after the war (“sukajan” means “souvenir jacket”). This special version has a Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics theme, embroidered with satin and the indigo blue that is one of the official colors of the Games. This light, comfortable, and highly original jacket is warm and embodies the international chic for which the Olympics is beloved.

2 Tokyo 2020 Olympics and Paralympics Folding Fan

The Tokyo 2020 Olympics and Paralympics Folding Fan helps you celebrate Japan’s first Summer Olympics since 1964 and also keep cool during hot weather (and is more stylish than the proposed “hat parasol”). The bamboo and paper fan has a classic sensu design that folds up into a very compact shape. Choose between the Olympics or Paralympics version, each carrying the respective Japanese committee logo as well as variations in the main color (blue or red). The selection of famous anime characters, however, remains the same, so everyone can enjoy this incredible team of Japanese talent, from Naruto to Astro Boy, Doraemon, and many, many more!

3 Tokyo 2020 Olympics Tabi Slippers

Slip on these traditional Japanese indoor shoes and commemorate the biggest sporting event in the world with the Tokyo 2020 Olympics Tabi Slippers. Decorated with elements taken from the official 2020 Olympic Games logo, which is based on a classical Japanese pattern, the tabi are available in a choice of red (medium size) or blue (large size).

4 Tokyo 2020 Olympics Maneki-neko Beckoning Cat Toy

The image of maneki-neko, the beckoning cat with its one paw in the air, is one of the first sights you see from the moment you set foot in Japan. Given its fame, it’s perhaps no wonder that the Japanese Olympic Committee decided to include it as part of the official merchandising for the 2020 Tokyo Games. The result is this Tokyo 2020 Olympics Maneki-neko Beckoning Cat Toy. Made of polyester and sporting the five colors of the Games, the Olympics-themed maneki-neko is at the same time a children’s plush toy and a unique Japanese Olympics souvenir.

5 Tokyo 2020 Olympics Takasaki Daruma Doll

In Japan, daruma dolls are famous symbols of good luck and perseverance, and have a very distinct visual appearance inspired by the founder of Zen Buddhism, Bodhidharma. Painted with cranes and turtles, the daruma made in Takasaki, Gunma, are the best known in Japan. These Tokyo 2020 Olympics Takasaki Daruma Dolls celebrate the spectacle and excitement of the first Summer Olympic Games held in Japan since 1964. Available in either red or white, the back of the dolls integrate the already iconic logo of the Tokyo 2020 Games.

6 Tokyo 2020 Olympics Nanbu Tekki Ironware Kettle

Not only is this an official Summer Olympic Games commemorative kitchen item, it is also a superb example of traditional Iwate cast ironware. The Tokyo 2020 Olympics Nanbu Tekki Ironware Kettle is a practical and elegant addition to your household, while also memorably celebrating the first Summer Olympics to be held in Japan since 1964. Available in five base colors inspired by different representations of Mt Fuji throughout the seasons, the textures and hues of the metalwork also evolve and mature with use. This is so much more than a kettle; it’s a living embodiment of Japanese craft culture.

7 Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games Logo Hoodie

The Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games Logo Hoodie is not only an amazing item to show your love for the biggest sporting event of 2020, but also a practical piece of clothing. Made of durable 100% cotton and available in two very easy-to-coordinate colors (white or navy), it comes in two sizes (medium and large) for both children and adults. With the Tokyo 2020 Games logo and the iconic Olympic circles emblem all on the front, this hoodie leaves no doubt about its origin. Show your support for Japan’s second Summer Olympics and add a very flexible item to your wardrobe!

Of course, there are many more – and you can find them all on Japan Trend Shop, which has worldwide shipping for Tokyo 2020 Olympics and Paralympics products!