We all like the feeling of sleeping beside your loved one, right?

Well, how about those times when your said companion is not nearby or even if you don’t have someone at all — but you still want the experience of forty winks next to the warmth of female flesh.

A new shop, Soine-ya (literally “bed-sharing shop”, soine means to sleep beside each other), has just opened its…er, beds in Akihabara, letting you sleep next to a woman for those times when you want to feel the warmth of female flesh beside you.

soine-ya akihabara bed share sleep shop

Stereotypes aside, we reckon any man (or woman) could relate to this but most likely this will be aimed squarely at lonely otaku (geeks) who want to snuggle up close to a maternal figure.

It doesn’t come cheap, though. Just twenty minutes will cost you ¥3,000 (nearly $40), or ¥6,000 (nearly $80) for an hour.

If just sleeping in a girl’s lap is more your think, you can fork up ¥1,000 ($13) for just three minutes. Alternatively you could get the Hizamakura Lap Pillow.

Since it has only just opened, the profiles for patrons’ sleeping partners have not been updated but at some point you should be able to view who is available for bed-sharing that day.

This may be the first such place in Japan, though its existence does not surprise this blogger at any rate. It is located two minutes from Akihabara Station, so might just make a perfect resting place between otaku figurine purchases.