Remember the Necomimi that apparently moved per your brain waves? Well, now neaurwear has come up with the Shippo, a “brain controlled tail”.

shippo brain control tail neurowear japan gadget

Using the same viral marketing campaign as before — YouTube videos to build hype for what is essentially a prototype (and also perhaps mere whimsy) — the Shippo is a small furry tail that works with a headset and Bluetooth to connect to an app that “reads your mood”. The tail then externalizes how you are feeling: Excited, sad, stressed, happy, etc.

The video gets particularly odd when a boy and girl meet and the tail wags to show how much they like each other. Not a technological advance; the Shippo seems to reduce us all to animals, devolution in progress!

shippo brain control tail neurowear japan gadget

It’s just a prototype for now but perhaps one day will be on the market for real, fueling ever more “Japanese are crazy” blog posts no doubt.

It would certainly look cool in cosplay-loving Akihabara, such as maid cafes and other idol places.

There is also the bo-shippo, a hat based on the same concept.