Biwako Biennale 2014 kicks off on September 13th, running until November 9th in a small city along the edge of Japan’s largest lake in Shiga Prefecture.

biwako biennale 2014 utakata

biwako biennale 2014 noda sachie

This sixth edition of the festival features more than 70 artists or artist groups exhibiting site-specific work in 12 old houses in Omihachiman.

The theme this year is “Utakata”, which means foam or bubble. This ethereal beauty is the key motif in the line-up, with contributions from the likes of photographer Rinko Kawauchi, “flower arrangement car” artist Yuji Ueno, sculptor Masato Tanaka (pictured below), and more.

biwako biennale 2014 masato tanaka

Here are grotesque Kokeshi-esque sculptures by Miki Sachiko.

biwako biennale 2014 miki sachiko

The first Biwako Biennale was held in 2001. Passes for the 2014 festival cost ¥2,000 for adults.

biwako biennale 2014 makoto ofune

biwako biennale 2014 mika aoki

A preview event was recently held at a Konno Hachiman-gu shrine in Shibuya, including a special dance performance by Tarinainanika (Kentaro Suyama & Tania Coke).

biwako biennale 2014 tarinainanika

Omihachiman is a roughly 30-minute train ride from Kyoto. The two-month will also include a symposium, workshops and live events.

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