We love DigInfo News and have met the people behind the channel in the past. Their reports are always well made and cover a broad range of topics. Guaranteed to be found at almost any important technology or digital media event, they are one of the most reliable sources for quality reporting about technology in Japan.

diginfo news

But DigInfo needs our help.

Aki Tsukioka, head of Digitalized Information, the company behind the YouTube channel, which has been delivering videos since 2007, has published a short appeal for funds.

We have come a long way, but we need support now. If you have enjoyed watching our videos and if you would like to see us continue and expand our coverage, we’d appreciate it if you could support us via PayPal.

Regular viewers of DigInfo’s viewers may well recognize Mr Tsukioka’s voice as the narrator of many of the reports! It’s a little disconcerting to hear the voice without the usual footage of a robot.

Despite having been viewed by almost 100 million internet users in at least 130 countries, they cannot make ends meet, it seems.

We do worry a little about the prospects of their fund-raising campaign. In this day and age of crowd-funding via KickStarter et al, the campaign is usually presented very clearly in terms of why the money is needed and where it will go.

Here, as many YouTube commenters have pointed out, there is no explanation for the need for the money now nor how it might be used. Aki Tsukioka instead has asked viewers to give donations via a PayPal account, which we fear people will be reluctant to do. Perhaps DigInfo will issue a more detailed clarification in time?

For now, we wish them the best of luck with their campaign and hope they can continue to make their great reports.