What’s the most stupid thing you’ve ever done at a part-time job? If there was such competition, we would probably never run out of participants. This past summer, we saw a great number of young part-timers posting embarrassing pictures of such acts on Facebook and Twitter. Some of them made their way to TV news and enjoyed the fifteen minutes of fame in one of the most shameful ways possible.

If they are so desperate to get people’s attention, why don’t they show off something they can be more proud of instead?

Townwork, one of the biggest recruitment sites in Japan, is now hosting an event for part-timers, calling for submissions of pictures and videos in response to the question, “What’s the best thing you’ve ever learned from your part-time work?”


They are asking for submissions that show the most unusual and extraordinary skill we have all acquired as part-timers, something that can be considered a performance to wow the audience. Viewers can click buttons to either “qualify” the submission as the best performance in Japan or “pass” it, and those who have received ten votes will get the official title and their own web page. With a hundred votes, they will get their own business cards. With five hundred votes, they will be entered into a lottery and thirty of them will be chosen to receive the pure gold business card. Voters also have a chance of winning Amazon gift certificates, provided that they have voted at least ten times.

It seems that the majority of posts so far have been submitted by celebrities, presumably for promotional purposes. This is my favorite so far.

In general, part-timers in Japan are known as the least responsible labor force due to unstable employment status (with almost no employee benefit provided) and lower wages, but it certainly doesn’t mean that their work experience is worth the least.