The end of an era means the beginning of new merchandise opportunities: to commemorate the filan film of the last Star Wars trilogy (so far), we want to take a look at some of the fantastic Japan-exclusive Star Wars products. From practical to decorative, these items make the perfect gift for Star Wars fans around the galaxy, bringing the Force into your home!

Turn your home into a space ship: Homestar R2-D2 Home Planetarium

The Homestar R2-D2 Home Planetarium (New Version) is an update on the original bestselling R2-D2 home planetarium from 2011. It now has a head that can rotate 360 degrees and four enhanced projection discs featuring the Millennium Falcon, Star Destroyer, The Force Awakens, and Tokyo spring night. Let R2-D2 project 10,000 stars onto your home ceiling or wall, thanks to this compact yet expertly made home planetarium unit made by the record-breaking designer Takayuki Ohira for Sega Toys.

A very Star Wars kitchen: from Death Star Ice Tray to Darth Vader 

Turn your ice into the most fearsome weapon in the arsenal of the Empire! Yes, this is the Kotobukiya Star Wars Death Star Ice Tray, an ice shape that is a brilliant replica of the famous planet-destroying space vessel in the original Star Wars movie. We’re staying in the fridge: the Japan-exclusive Star Wars BB-8 Talking Fridge Gadget moves, flashes, and makes the cute sounds of BB-8 in Star Wars: The Force Awakens thanks to the 20 audio tracks stored inside the toy. If you want to take your love for galactic battles to work, the Star Wars Lacquerware Lunchbox is for you! A great fusion of Japanese crafts with American pop culture, this genuine lacquerware tableware is available in four versions: Darth Vader, C-3PO, R2-D2, and Stormtrooper.

Learn a new language: English-Japanese Star Wars Dictionaries

A common new year’s resolution: learning a new language. If you know English an Japanese is your target, the fully illustrated Star Wars English-Japanese Dictionary Padawan Learners could not be more perfect! The Star Wars English-Japanese Dictionary for Jedi Knights Edition is a follow-up, fully illustrated with original graphics, these books are a must-have for Star Wars fans and people learning Japanese. The definitions and examples are taken directly from the Star Wars franchise, cleverly combining Japanese language-learning and the world of George Lucas.

Games between Light and Dark Side: Japanese Star Wars Board Game and R2-D2 Rubiks Cube

While a war about the future of the galaxy is no game, that doesn’t mean that you cannot still have fun with the franchise’s characters! The Star Wars 3D Rubik’s Cube R2-D2 is as cool as it sounds: a Rubik’s cube puzzle in the shape of a mini R2-D2 droid. Swivel and move the parts of the iconic blue and white robot, and then spend hours trying to get it back to its original form. If you prefer a multiplayer adventure, the Star Wars Shogi is ideal for fans of the original trilogy!

Gadgets for Star Wars fans: Virtual Keyboards and Snow Globe Speaker

Even the hardworking soldiers of the Galactic Empire can’t do their duties on an empty stomach. The Star Wars Darth Vader Stormtrooper Helmet Snack Dispenser should mean that fans can stave off the pangs in their bellies while indulging in those all-night trilogy binges. If you are more into a practical computer gadget, the R2-D2, R2-Q5 Virtual Keyboard is a cool and practical device that takes you back to where it all started: the message Princess Leia Organa recorded onboard the Tantive IV cruiser, the first Star Wars spaceship the world saw, over 40 years ago! Finally, the Star Wars Wireless Snow Globe Speaker is a series of audio accessories featuring some of the franchise’s most recognizable characters. Darth Vader, a squad of Imperial stormtroopers, and everybody’s favorite droids, C-3PO and R2-D2, are all waiting to decorate this device that is simultaneously a Bluetooth speaker, snow globe, and statement of Star Wars fandom meets Japanese ingenuity!

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