In Japanese culture, the first dream you have in the New Year is called Hatsuyume – and it is considered to be good luck if you dream of a hawk, an eggplant, and Mount Fuji. But don’t worry, even if you haven’t dreamt of any of these things in 2020, you can still enhance your luck with these awesome, Mount Fuji-themed products.

Mount Fuji Sticky Notes

The visually striking Mount Fuji Sticky Notes certainly ensure you don’t forget your memos in 2020 – so write your goals down and take your dreams into your own hands! With the adhesive part along the “base” of the mountain, you can position these sticky notes on a wide range of objects to create cute mini Mount Fujis around your desk. These highly original, highly Japanese sticky notes are decorated not only in the shape of Japan’s most famous mountain but also in a series of different traditional motifs: hemp leaf, cherry blossom, wave, plover, haze, maple, and flowing water. This is a pack of all five designs, each with twenty sheets!

Kit Kat Mini Strawberry Cheesecake Mount Fuji (9 Pack)

The Kit Kat Mini Strawberry Cheesecake Mount Fuji makes both your New Year’s Dream and your culinary desires come true: it is a Kit Kat snack not only exclusive to Japan, but which also comes in a decidedly Japanese style. Not only do these sweet Kit Kat Mini snacks taste special, boasting a unique strawberry cheesecake chocolate flavor, they have a Mount Fuji-inspired package that also features cherry blossom and Tokyo Tower. This is a pack of nine snacks that Japanophiles will love.

Papermoistory Mount Fuji Natural Humidifier

What a great idea! This Papermoistory Mount Fuji is a natural humidifier that opens up like a diorama of the most famous mountain in Japan. The paper parts are numbered and easy to slot into the right places in the base. After assembly, just add water into the cup and let the unit naturally moisturize the climate in your home or office while also functioning as a miniature sculpture of Japan’s iconic volcano.

Fujiyama Mount Fuji Beer Glass

The very symbol of Japan and now a UNESCO World Heritage Site, you don’t get a more famous mountain for the Japanese than Mt. Fuji. Designed by Keita Suzuki, the Fujiyama Glass takes the iconic symmetrical shape of Fuji and turns it into an incredibly high-quality drinking glass. For the best results, pour in some amber ale, making sure to include a frothy head. The Fujiyama Glass then truly lives up to its name.

Plant Fuji

Made with Seto-yaki ceramic from Seto City in Aichi Prefecture, this cute and stylish Plant Fuji is a plant pot and vase inspired by a certain famous mountain in Japan. Now you can have your household plants erupting out of 65mm (2.6″)-tall Mt Fuji, available in a calming sky blue color.

Mount Fuji 360 Degree 3D Map

At 3,776 meters, Mount Fuji is “the spiritual peak of Japan,” as the Mount Fuji 360 Degree 3D Map proudly declares along its base. The map provides you with a stylish and accurate 3D replica of Japan’s tallest mountain from the fifth station up to the snow-capped peak. The palm-sized sculpture-cum-map also gives you a print of the four most popular climbing routes up the mountain!

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