Since 2009, World Vision Japan, a non-governmental organization, has been hosting Love Cake Project, a seasonal charity program to provide food aid for kids in Africa.


In this project, participating pastry chefs are asked to make a whole cake with one missing piece. Customers then pay the price for the whole cake, and the money that they paid for the missing piece will be donated to World Vision.

Last year, 89 stores participated in the project, selling 798 whole cakes, and raising a total donation of 382,295 yen. Working in partnership with the World Food Programme, they delivered various food supplies to approximately 13,000 people in the Turkana region, Kenya.


In total, they have sold 3,268 cakes so far, raising 1,477,672 yen and helping about 100,000 people in the northern part of Kenya. This year, they are planning to send food aid to Zimbabwe.


These special cakes (or “Love Cakes” as they call them) can be purchased at participating stores all across Japan, which you can search for on their website.