Japanese wrestling likely isn’t the most natural choice for your look when you start up a new fashion brand. The sport (entertainment?) is a kind of a mix of martial arts and American-style wrestling — and certainly nothing like sumo.

Hardly the ingredients for some new apparel, right?

But then if you are a young clothes designer just graduating from fashion school in Tokyo, perhaps you think differently.

yukihero japan pro wrestling fashion brand

Stylist Yukihiro Teshima (25) came up with the killer idea with a friend and set up Yukihero to sell men’s and women’s wear inspired by Japanese pro wrestling (or puroresu).

yukihero japan pro wrestling fashion brand

Some of their garbs are essentially just t-shirts and other clothes with wrestling motif designs — but other times they go for a full outfit riffing on the theme, including masks.

yukihero japan pro wrestling fashion brand

They held a fair in Harajuku last June and sold out of the 300 garments they had prepared. Though Japanese wrestling, with its elaborate masks and cult following, is very much a man’s game, apparently almost two thirds of their customers were women.

yukihero japan pro wrestling fashion brand

They also made a splash at the Tokyo New Designer Fashion Grand Prix fashion show in November.

yukihero japan pro wrestling fashion brand

The company running the brand is predicting sales for March 2013 of around 10 million yen (US$110,000), of which around sixty percent will be Yukihero wrestling fashion.

yukihero japan pro wrestling fashion brand



  • Zach February 1, 2013

    Where’d these photos come from?

  • William (Post author) February 1, 2013


    From Yukihero’s website (linked in the post) and Facebook photos.

  • MitchyB April 14, 2013

    Website says ERROR. Can anybody help me contact Yukihero? Need to speak with them ASAP about BIG business in the USA!

  • William (Post author) April 15, 2013


    Their website has apparently changed and with no re-direct in place. Try their Facebook account:

  • DAVYONE May 15, 2014