KDDI is developing a new series of projects engaging with the Internet of Things.

The first results are two home interior items sold through its au WALLET Market arm from late October.

The Umbrella Stand lights up when you will need to take your umbrella with you, while the Dust Bin lets you know through LED lighting when it’s garbage day. (All the product names don’t sound so generic in Japanese, since they are deliberately using the English names in katakana.)

kddi internet of things garbage can umbrella stand

kddi internet of things garbage can umbrella stand

Of course, to do this the items work in tandem with a dedicated app. If your phone has the app installed, whenever you get close to the Bluetooth-connected umbrella stand, it will turn orange if it’s going to be sunny, white for cloudy, or blue for a rainy forecast. The app also displays a detailed breakdown of the weather.

The trash can works with the app to collect official garbage collection data from your region (complicated in Japan as there are usually different days for different kinds of garbage, varying per neighborhood). The white or gray dust bin glows when it’s the right day to be emptied.

The KDDI items are produced by FOX. INC. and designed by Jin Kuramoto.

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