An umbrella. A parasol. And a fan. All in one?

Yes, the Rurudo Fan Shade is just that.

Coming in a lacy black design, the shade initially looks just like a typical parasol that many Japanese women carry to keep their skin from developing a sun tan.

It cuts UV rays by 99% and is also coated with a water-repellent finish, so functions like a rain umbrella too.


But the really novel thing is the cooling function. Located inside the canopy are three fan blades. These can be switched on by a simple button control on the handle of the gadget. Then you can enjoy a cooling breeze right on your shoulders, neck and back.

rurudo fan shade gadget

Fortunately the fan blades don’t spin too powerfully, otherwise you might find yourself floating in the air like Mary Poppins!

rurudo fan shade gadget parasol umbrella

This is an ideal gadget for hot days spent outside. It’s all powered by batteries that you slip into the handle. Just close the parasol to turn off the fan.


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