Teapots are all well and good but they retain only around 30% of the nutrients from the tea leaves.

Sharp spotted a way to deliver better cups of tea and in a very convenient way for the person who really values their kitchen.

Enter the Sharp Healsio Ocha Presso, an “espresso maker” for tea.

sharp healsio ocha presso tea maker

Not only is this super convenient (it can make matcha green tea, chai, black tea, herbal tea, and even latte), the tea is actually healthier since the Healsio Ocha Presso brews a cuppa with 1.9 times the catechin of tea from a teapot.

Now available from Japan Trend Shop in either white or black designs, this is a very stylish-looking addition to your home.

In the best tradition of Japanese monozukuri, this is more than just an electronic gizmo for giving you a quick cup of tea. Quite the opposite, the Healsio Ocha Presso features an internal ceramic tea mortar to mill the tea leaves into a fine powder.

sharp healsio ocha presso tea maker machine matcha

The resulting tea is stronger, fresher and healthier, since the grinding is a slow 100rpm and so there is no friction, and thus no loss of catechin, chlorophyll and dietary fibers. Instead, these all stay in the tea for you to consume and benefit from.

Mill the leaves into a powder and then put the powder into the brewing pot, to be stirred and blended into a perfect cup of green tea. Now all you need to do is master the Tea Ceremony and you are truly Japanese!

See more at Japan Trend Shop.


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  • Flora March 17, 2015

    Hi, I would like to buy Sharp’s Healsio Ocha Presso, I am wondering if there is any Vendor in Hong Kong or Macau because I found it really hard to buy one. Please advise asap. Thank you.