We loved the Forestarium Lamp, so we were super excited to hear about another plant-related product from the same brand.

Created by Pianta x Stanza, the Torch Plant Light Botanical Candle is a brilliant ornamental (and horticultural) lamp. In contrast to the larger Forestarium, the Torch Plant Light is cute and small, though just as clever.

pianta stanza botanical candle torch

The plant sits in the glass vase, its “candle wick” dangling in the water. Underneath a gentle LED light glows, creating an enchanting effect in the evening.

Clearly inspired by the Japanese tradition of bonsai and making small things beautiful, the Torch Plant Light will make a great addition to a home setting, office, or cafe space.

pianta stanza botanical candle torch

There are four versions in two varying lamp vase sizes: Dwarf Umbrella Tree (medium), Ficus (medium), Dracaena (small), or Fern (small). The plants are real, though, so you will need to tend to them and take care of their needs. Yes, this is very much a lamp for gardeners.

pianta stanza botanical candle torch


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