Yahoo! Japan has recently released two new modes for their timer app Tsuukin Timer (Commute Timer), which tells users when their train leaves in the form of a countdown. As you can see from the pictures, users can now choose either a cute cat or cute girl to be displayed as the wallpaper.


To use this app, you simply set up your closest station, train line and direction from home and to work or school, and switch the “to (iki) and from (kaeri)” modes depending on where you’re heading at the moment.

This app would especially come in handy when you want to check the time of your last train. The countdown on the screen might work more effectively as a way to excuse yourself when you are caught up in a drinking party you don’t necessarily want to attend… After all, as the name tells itself, this app is specifically designed for commuters like salarymen always expected to be on time at any given moment.

The app also gives you a list of upcoming trains, so you don’t have to check for the time every five minutes.


As for the two new modes released recently, the cat mode has 80 pictures of cats, some of which are actual pet cats of Yahoo! employees, while the “girl” mode features 80 pictures of “beauties” from all over Japan.

I didn’t have any problem with the cat one — people in Japan are crazy about cats! — but who are these ladies? Well, it turns out that the lady mode is offered in collaboration with an even more unique site called Bijin Tokei and is available for a limited time only, until the middle of October.


Bijin Tokei is a digital clock (tokei) that comes with numerous pictures of “beautiful women” (bijin). “Bijin Tokei makes you fall in one minute of love,” they say, as the pictures change every minute. So far, 360 amateur models have contributed to their database of 1,440 pictures, and they are calling for more people to make their modeling “debut” as a beauty clock on their site.


There is actually a male version (called Binan, which translates as “beautiful/handsome men”) available as well!


Some other versions include gal, Korea, ladies with glasses, ladies in Hawaii, ladies with different hairstyles, kids, brides, beautiful/handsome men in Kyoto and Kagoshima… It’s endless! They also have an English site.

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