Now this is an innovative way to cool down your drink.

While we still love the quietly industrial and precise ice sphere offered by the Ice Ball Mold, there is something to be said for having “3D-milled ice cubes”. Don’t worry, you’re not alone in not understanding exactly what that means but when the results — including a miniature Japanese temple — are this stunning, who cares?!

suntory whisky 3d ice cube rock sculpture shoe temple

3D on the Rocks” as the stunning ad campaign declares.

A shark. The Statue of Liberty. An astronaut. A space rocket. Michelangelo’s David. A high-heel shoe. Design ideas were submitted by members of the public which were then selected to be made by drilling into a block of ice.

suntory whisky 3d ice cube rock sculpture statue of liberty shoe

The ice sculpture is then placed into the whisky glass to melt and cool the beverage. Artistically a bit of a waste but what a great concept!

Here’s the ad to give you more of an idea of how the ice shapes are made.


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  • Catalina May 1, 2014

    Although they have a very short life these ice sculptures must induce a long lasting memory.

  • Sarah Fuller September 6, 2014

    These look absolutely amazing – just a shame that when they melt they’ll totally ruin the whisky!

    I would have wanted a kraken one =)