Coca-Cola continues its exploration of unique new flavors and tastes with another beverage exclusive to the Japanese market.

The Coca-Cola Peach is a fruity version of the coke we have all come to love and drink copiously over the years.

If this sounds familiar, it’s because it is: the original Coca-Cola Peach was a big viral and retail hit in 2018, so Coca-Cola decided to bring it back for 2019. What’s more, this new edition has improved the original soda beverage by adding 1% of white peach juice to make it taste even richer and better.

japan coca cola peach soda drink 2019

japan coca cola peach soda drink 2019

While it is only on sale in Japan, internationally-based consumers can order a pack of five 500ml (17 fl oz) bottles through Japan Trend Shop. But hurry, like the 2018 product, this is a limited release and is available only while stocks last!

Coca-Cola in Japan has been on a roll recently, producing its first ever alcoholic drink in 2018 as well as memorable variations on coke like the Coca-Cola Plus health drink and Coca-Cola Frozen Lemon. The Japanese market is particularly geared towards limited-edition items and seasonal products, especially food and drink, and has come to expect manufacturers to continue innovating even the most established staples.

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