The ever-growing popularity of social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest has made the act of sharing quicker and easier than ever before. In fact, it goes without saying that everything is sharable online now. While this move can certainly be detrimental to some businesses out there, others are more eager to take advantage of this trend.

On March 4, 2013, Coca-Cola Japan launched a campaign, Share a Coke and a Song. While the drinks are the same as usual, the real deal comes in the form of a nine-digit code printed on the labels of coke bottles, which will give you access to ten popular songs of the year. The year that your code will give you access to is also printed boldly on the front label.

coca coca sony music

So simply choose a year, buy a coke, visit the campaign website, enter your code, and then you get access to ten songs of the year via Sony’s music streaming platform, Music Unlimited.

coca coca sony music

The music selection covers a period of more than fifty years, from 1957 when Coca-Cola first went on sale in Japan, right through to the present. Some readers might have seen the TV commercial already.

The sale of the “year” bottles will continue to the end of June, but you can enjoy all songs throughout summer, right until August 31. For those of you who just want a “sip” of each song, you can visit the sample player and listen to a 30-second edited version of all the songs.

ice ball mold japanese

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