Japanese virtual reality continues to thrive and expand in the entertainment industry. Following the success of the pilot VR Zone facility in Tokyo Bay and then the recently opened space in Shinjuku, where attractions include Mario Kart, Bandai Namco is now launching further VR Zone sites around the country.

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VR Zone Portal opens in Kobe on September 20th. Visitors will be able to enjoy a virtual “ski rodeo”, a horror-themed attraction set in a haunted hospital, and a robot fighting game.

Bandi Namco has ambitious plans to open new sites of varying sizes, offering between two and four different virtual reality attractions. By the end of the current period there should be 20 locations nationwide, operating within existing Namco amusement facilities and gaming arcades (as opposed to being standalone facilities).

VR Zone is even going international, opening VR Zone London at Hollywood Bowl in The O2. According to a press release last week, the London site was set to open on August 21st, though no further information is available online at the time of writing so this cannot be confirmed.

VR Zone Shinjuku has attracted a wealth of global press attention and, matching as it does Japan’s image as a high-tech and gaming paradise, should continue to remain a major draw for tourists.

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