There is already such a pantheon of RC driving and flying toys out there, you wonder where else there is to go for makers.

Well, Kyosho have come up with this globe-like Space Ball, a football-like flying sphere that is surprisingly sophisticated.

kyosho space ball flying sphere gyroscope

The gyroscope might look a big simple — or rather, empty — but the materials have been designed for durability so it can bounce off walls and floors whenever you mis-pilot your vessel, or when you fly so much you run out of power!

We also like the little extras, like its LED light to help guide you between furniture, or the “aroma” function so you can let off a fragrance as you zip around the room.

It seems that we are only a short step away from the cool interrogation drone that was in the original Star Wars film, or even the light saber “seeker” practice spheres that buzzed around the Millennium Falcon shooting lasers at Luke Skywalker.

star wars interrogation drone flying sphere practice ball seeker

Back in October last year, there was also spherical flying machine developed by Japan’s flying defence as a spy gadget no doubt to help combat pesky Chinese fishermen trying to invade the Senkaku Islands.

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