Working hard or hardly working. That is the question.

Some people go to great lengths to construct homemade solutions to working or using your computer in a comfortable position (i.e. lying in bed). Anything still to be able to look at the screen without that monumental chore of raising your head a little.

japan otaku computer bed

It seems there is enough of a need for this to merit it being a fully mass-manufactured product, as opposed to practical computer geeks strapping computers to shelves with shoddy bits of leftover materials.

Yes, lazy people just got their dream laptop accessory!

thanko laptop computer frame lying down lazy table

Thanko, to be fair, known more for their more unusual gadgets rather than sophisticated hi-tech, stepped in to produce this Lying Down Laptop Stand, a sort of frame or table that can be flipped to hold your computer on either side.

thanko laptop computer frame lying down lazy table

In other words, you can use it like a regular stand or you can lie underneath it and look up to see the screen and type on the keyboard (this is an unscientific judgement but we reckon any real length of typing will soon start to hurt your hands — likely this is best just for browsing online or watching videos on the screen).

Okay, so now we have the solution to late-night emailing… Just don’t fall asleep.


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