Father’s Day, much like the rest of the world, is celebrated in Japan to honor fatherhood and to show one’s appreciation towards their father for everything he has done and given you. 

Although Father’s Day, known as Chichi no Hi (父の日) in Japanese, often gets out-shined by Mother’s Day, it is still important for them to receive your affection. The date of Father’s Day changes every year but always take place on the third Sunday of June. This year, it’s on June 21, which means that it’s just around the corner! 

If you haven’t already prepared (in other words, you’ve completely forgotten), why not take the opportunity to celebrate Father’s Day this year in Japanese style?

How the Japanese Celebrate Father’s Day

In Japan, it is not that common for a family to spend quality time with one’s father, although it is something that they would appreciate. However, when the Japanese do choose to spend some time with their father on this day, they like to do so by taking their father out for a nice family meal.

A popular meal to buy for one’s father is Japanese steak wagyuu as this would be a real treat to most due to being very expensive. What makes wagyuu particularly special is its rich taste, thanks to the high levels of intramuscular fat and marbling, but still having a fine, melt-in-your-mouth texture. For a deluxe, enjoyable eating experience, it’s best to go with wagyuu! 

If it’s not this gourmet Japanese beef, another common delicacy choice is eel. Many love the kabayaki unagi – eel glazed in soy sauce then grilled.

And for those fathers who have a bit of a sweet-tooth? They love being given wagashi, traditional confectionary often made with mochi, anko (sweet bean paste), and fruit.

Japanese Father’s Day Gift Guide

When it comes to gift-giving, Japanese children often like to present them with thank you cards, flowers, or food and drink-related items. The most common gift for Father’s Day in Japan is traditional, alcoholic beverages such as sake and shochu.

1. gekka Tin Sake Set (bottle and cup set in a stylish design)

unique fathers day gifts celebrations japan

2. Amadana Beergo Designer Home Beer Tap (draft beer dispenser for cans, bottles)

unique fathers day gifts celebrations japan

Other popular gifts include fashion items, sporting goods, and sweets!

3. Seiko Giugiaro Design Limited Edition Watch (Japanese-Italian collaboration designer wristwatch)

unique fathers day gifts celebrations japan

4. Active Pad Muscle Training Gear (EMS ab fitness machine)

unique fathers day gifts celebrations japan

5. Kanazawa Gold Leaf Japanese Sweets (seven kinds of wagashi in gift box)

unique fathers day gifts celebrations japan

Oh, and be sure to say  お父さん、いつもありがとう (Otousan, itsumo arigatou). As always, thank you, Dad!

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