We were recently in the Muji in Yurakucho and noticed that half the store was empty of stock, and other areas were closed off completely. Prominent signs apologized for the “changeover” work taking place. What was afoot?

Well, we have now had a glimpse at the upcoming new store. And it’s pretty cool indeed.

On September 4th, Muji Yurakucho will reopen with a massive bookcase designed by Atelier Bow-Wow!

muji yurakucho atelier bow wow bookcase books shelves design tokyo

The new Muji Books space will integrate Muji products with publications, following a precedent set by another Muji in Fukuoka, Kyushu. It will have capacity to sell some 10,000 books and Muji plans to have around 2,000 books each on various themes (food, lifestyle, fashion, and so on). It’s not yet fully clear if the bookcase as seen in the publicity images and press release will literally be one organic giant, though there will certainly be plenty of shelves for bibliophiles to salivate over.

Coffee will be available for a very reasonable ¥100 so you can enjoy a drink while browsing the books.

muji books

The Muji House showroom will also get an overhaul and the retailer’s Re-Muji (which re-dyes and re-sells old clothes) project expanded.

In all, the Yurakucho outlet will become Muji’s international flagship store.

muji yurakucho atelier bow-wow store design books bookcase shelves

The Yurakucho Muji, the largest in central Tokyo, has long been more than just yet another Muji store. Its upper floor frequently hosted special exhibitions, while the Muji Cafe (which is also getting a revamp) has an impressive interior, making it well worth visiting even if you don’t want to buy any clothes or furniture from Muji itself. Certainly more interesting than the ubiquitous chain coffee shops in the Yurakucho area!

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