The award-winning “ultra-technologists” teamLab have carved out a successful niche in digital art installations, working with the likes of Gucci and even Narita Airport.

Their signature approach involves designing interactive floral experiences and family-friendly playful event spaces. There is a fine line between shtick and style, and teamLab’s projects can feel somewhat familiar after a while: the same flowers, the same moving animals. That being said, the company has also attracted considerable overseas interest and is currently showcasing its “Digital Space and Future Parks” exhibition at PACE Menlo Park, California.

Now they are branching out from brand tie-ups and art installations into weddings.

teamlab digital art interactive wedding marriage ceremony event tokyo hotel

Camellia and Butterflies for Eternity is a new teamLab-curated wedding ceremony service on offer at Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo.

As the name of the plan suggests, teamLab’s plan is a digital art space full of butterflies and camellias that flutter and move when the bride and groom make their entrance and exit. The digital motifs respond to the movements of the happy couple, never making the same patterns again.

For a reasonable ¥130,000 (around $1,150), you get a special marriage vows certificate, MC, operational staff, background music and the projection equipment. Of course, the costs of the rest of the wedding party and banquet are added on top of this.

teamlab digital art interactive wedding marriage ceremony event tokyo hotel

People are marrying later in Japan and, combined with the population decrease and economic downturn, conventionally exorbitant weddings are not always realistic in these post-recession days. Instead, people want something that is fresh and interesting, but nonetheless affordable. Out are luxury “white weddings” and expensive traditional Shinto shrine ceremonies; in are compact and modest wedding plans. Wedding events, though, are purely symbolic in Japan, since couples actually get married in advance at their local city office just by submitting the paperwork.

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