Hungry Ultra Seven fans, get ready.

If your very own Ultra Seven guitar wasn’t enough for you, there is even now a special hashed beef dish especially for your retro diet.

ultra seven hashed beef rice ultraseven kohji moritsugu dish

It may need no introduction to some but Ultra Seven was the 1967 sequel to the first Tokusatsu Ultraman TV series made by Tsuburaya Productions, continuing the adventures of the Ultramen superheroes.

The Ultra Diner Ultra Seven Hashed Beef with Rice has been made especially for Bandai by a restaurant run by Kohji Moritsugu, the Joli Chapeau in Kanagawa. Moritsugu was one of the most popular stars of the original Ultra Seven series, playing Dan Moroboshi.

ultra seven hashed beef rice ultraseven kohji moritsugu dish

The hashed beef can be ordered in a four-pack for ¥6,300 (around $67) and they come with a complimentary red Ultra Seven Task-Mask (“Ultra Eye”), if you want to transform yourself into an Ultra hero.

But if you’re hungry now, you’ll have to wait. The dish isn’t released until June.



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  • Gilbert Nieves January 27, 2019

    I love the show when I was a little kid. I have introduced the series to all my sons they love it.

    Thank you for doing a great job.
    I bet your restaurant will be very popular specially with all the fans.