Psychic VR Lab, which operates the fashion virtual reality service STYLY, has teamed up with label chloma to create what is touted as the world’s first mixed reality fashion event.

Running from September 22nd to September 30th at By PARCO shop & gallery in Aoyama, chloma OS Umwelt presents a collection of clothing items on sale.

Mixed reality (MR), also known as hybrid reality, merges real and virtual worlds in order to make entirely new kinds of environments and visual experiences. In MR, the physical and digital co-exist and interact in real time, making for an immersive sensation incorporating augmented reality, VR, and more.

mixed reality shopping virtual technology fashion japan chloma

mixed reality shopping virtual technology fashion japan chloma

For chloma OS Umwelt, Takuto Sato, who is known for his combination of neon signage and plants, has designed the physical space, while the virtual environment is the handiwork of illustrator TOKIYA SAKBA and media artist God Scorpion. Visitors don MR devices to try out a revolutionary retail experience fusing reality and virtuality.

Will we all be shopping in this way in the not-too-distant future?

chloma is a fashion label by Junya Suzuki and Reiko Sakuma, making apparel for people who exist between the world on a display and the real world.

mixed reality shopping virtual technology fashion japan chloma

Last year a Japanese service called VR Shopping with Voice Chat introduced a way to link e-commerce with virtual reality.

japan trend shop

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