“Work, Nap, Work, Beer!” is the driving concept behind Kyoto’s new coworking space andwork Kyoto. Set to open this month in the central Kawaramachi district, andwork Kyoto combines the comforts of a hip, uptown hotel with the creativity-stimulating ambience of a high-design workspace.

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Inspired by the lifestyle hotels of New York City and Portland, andwork Kyoto seeks to create a space for artists, designers, programmers and other creative types. In a modern city where opportunities for serendipitous interaction are paradoxically few, this self-described “social apartment” hopes to be a place for information exchange, meeting new people, and collaboration on projects. To this end, productivity stimulators like coffee and social lubricators like beer flow freely. In addition to a vast lobby furnished with a variety of work benches, there are meeting rooms, guest rooms, open-access kitchen and dining areas.

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Unlike exclusive incubators and other coworking spaces, andwork Kyoto will be open to the public 24 hour a day, 365 days a year and, with a complete array of front desk services, will offer all the hospitality of a top-tier hotel sans the fanciful pretense. After all, the point is to work, nap and drink beer. andwork Kyoto members enjoy additional benefits, including morning coffee and scones, anytime showers and naps, and, yes, complimentary beer.

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Coworking spaces are trending in Japan. This is partly due to increasing rent, fewer job opportunities, and disillusionment with traditional work culture. It also ties in with the growing fab lab and maker culture in Japan. FabCafe recently opened a Kyoto branch.

Address: 235 Yamasaki-cho, Kawaramachi-sanjo-kudaru, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto City
Access: 5 minutes on foot from Kawaramachi Station on Hankyu Kyoto Line


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