Last year we reported on Gudetama, the peculiar “lazy egg” character by Sanrio that has become a range of hit products.

In a perfect synergy of trends, the curiously loveable character has joined the growing kendama craze in Japan.

Behold the Gudetama Kendama.

gudetama kendama sanrio

Endorsed by the Japan Kendama Association, this is a Gudetama-themed version of the classic cup-and-ball toy that is now gaining in popularity all over the world.

There are two designs: a regular one with Gudetama on the ball as the character appears popping out of an egg shell, and a special all-gold one.

gudetama kendama sanrio

gudetama kendama sanrio

We are seeing a wide range of exciting updates and developments on the kendama, the Japanese version of the bilboquet, from the brilliantly interactive Dendama to themed kendama like this Yo-Kai Watch kendama, and a “musical” kendama that turns a player into a DJ.

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