YouTube channel Katsu FPV has uploaded amazing footage of a micro drone filming the daily life of female high school students in Japan. The precisely shot and choreographed results, which have gone viral in Japan and beyond, feel incredibly detailed and intimate as the drone expertly zips around the students and through the corridors of a school building.

japan high school student model drone micro video

japan high school student model drone micro video

Filmed at Kikuka High School in Nagoya during the cherry blossom season, the “school students” featured in the two short videos are young models belonging to the Nagoya-based model agency Central Japan. The videos are part of a creative project called Onnanocos, launched by Central Japan to showcase its roster. As such, these videos are effectively a publicity campaign to introduce the Onnanocos models.

Here is the main, single-take video.

This alternate version is a little faster and has several cuts.

According to reports, the drone used was either a Runcam Split Mini or Tiny Whoop model that weighs less than 200g (about 7 oz). Shot in full HD by Nagoya-based production company CinemaRay, the makers had five rehearsals before achieving the impressive single take. The pilot can be briefly glimpsed through the window of a classroom, controlling the drone as it flies around the school.

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