The Hooters takeover of Tokyo continues.

After all, in a country where female “companions” are a common sight at booths at almost any professional expo or trade fair, not least the Tokyo Game Show, no one seems to mind about the niceties of gender politics when it comes to leggy ladies serving food and drinks.

Gaming Bar Side-B is a partnership between Namco and Hooters, opening at Hooters Shibuya on December 18th.

hooters japan shibuya gaming bar namco sports

Despite the bar name and the collaboration with Namco, this isn’t a new mecca for people seeking arcade video games, booze, and busts.

Billed as an “interactive sports bar”, it’s more like Round One or other sports-oriented amusement centers.

hooters japan shibuya gaming bar namco sports

hooters japan shibuya gaming bar namco sports

Hooters is currently targeting men in their twenties and thirties, and is seemingly looking to expand this to the sports crowd.

Gaming Bar Side-B offers 18 games, with all-you-can-play-and-drink packages starting at ¥1,500 ($12) for 30 minutes. There are 9 different types of games, including basket ball, slot car racing (apparently the largest circuit in Tokyo), and table soccer. Sports games will also be shown on television screens for patrons disinclined to trying their hand at shooting some hoops.

hooters japan shibuya gaming bar namco sports

American casual dining chain Hooters arrived in Japan in 2010 and currently has five branches in downtown areas (Shibuya, Akasaka, Ginza, Shinjuku, and Osaka).

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