I’m sure you’ve heard of Korean beauty and for it’s rather, in my opinion, extreme 10-step skincare routine. Do you ever wonder, though, whether it is actually necessary to have a 10-, 12-, or even 25-step skincare routine? Who has the time to follow such a lengthy routine?

Enter Japanese beauty skincare. When it comes to skincare, J-beauty prefers to take the Marie Kondo approach, meaning keeping things as minimal and as simple as possible. Yes, it’s shorter (4-steps!) but that doesn’t mean that the Japanese skincare regimen is any less effective. Follow this routine and you will be able to nourish your skin and benefit from the long-term results!

The Japanese minimalist skincare regimen is divided into two parts: a double cleanse, followed by a double moisture. Listed below are also the recommended Japanese skincare products that will help you achieve that desired mochi-hada, which, much like the dessert, means skin that is both soft and plump.

Step 1 — Oil Cleanser: Shiseido Tiss Face Wash Cleansing 2-Way Off Oil

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Double cleansing was first introduced by Japanese women. This step prevents breakouts and clogged pores whilst also keeping the skin hydrated. Double cleansing at night time also allows you to get away with just splashing some water on your face in the morning, meaning time saved!

The Shiseido Tiss Face Wash Cleansing 2-Way Off Oil is the perfect oil cleanser that cleans your pores and removes makeup effectively, including waterproof mascara. Don’t be fooled into thinking that oil cleansers are not suitable for oily skin! Although you may be a little skeptical, oil cleansers are actually effective at dissolving oil and definitely beat other cleansing ingredients. Squirt the grapefruit-scented oil four times into your hand and gently rub it onto your face. Then wash your face with lukewarm water. Step 1 complete!

Step 2 — Foaming Cleanser: Doroawawa Mud Soy Milk Soap Face Wash

japanese skincare beauty cosmetics routine shiseido try

The next step would be to use a foaming cleanser (the second part of the double cleanse). The Doroawawa Mud Soy Milk Soap Face Wash will do its job to clean pores and leave your skin feeling soft and supple. This face wash is particularly popular in Japan as it uses traditional ingredients that are natural and of the highest quality including natural mud (bentonite, marine salt), muscovado brown sugar, and soy milk. In other words, it’s suitable even for those with very sensitive skin. Simply pump a little foaming cleanser into your palm or a facial sponge. Lather the cleanser in circular motions and rinse with warm water. You’re ready for Step 3!

japanese skincare beauty cosmetics routine shiseido try

Step 3 — Liquid Lotion: Kiku Masamune Sake Beauty Skincare Lotion

japanese skincare beauty cosmetics routine shiseido try

Ahh Japanese toner. I cannot stress enough that this is that life-changing, miracle skincare product that everyone must have in their beauty cabinet. Japanese toner (kesho-sui), also called essence, skin conditioner, and lotion, is nothing like your typical American toner that tends to be quite harsh and dries out the skin. The purpose of Japanese toner is to hydrate and brighten your skin.

Made from Japanese sake by a traditional sake brewery, once you’ve tried the Kiku Masamune Sake Beauty Skincare Lotion, you’ll never go back to using your normal toner again. This multipurpose lotion will hydrate your skin and leave it looking (and feeling) healthy. The product does not contain any coloring or mineral oils, it’s lightweight, and comes in a pump bottle for easy use. Simply dispense the non-sticky formula onto your hands or cotton pads and apply the toner while your skin is still damp (absolutely key!). The number 1 skincare priority for Japanese women is hydration, hydration, hydration, so you really will be needing this product.

Step 4 — Moisturizer: Rice Cream for Skin Care

japanese skincare beauty cosmetics routine shiseido try

You’ve made it to the last step! Now it’s time to add a final layer of hydration! Moisturizer is the last part of the skincare regimen. It replenishes and strengthens the outer layer of skin (the outer layer of skin being crucial as it protects your skin from irritants and inflammation), and helps the skin remain hydrated.

From the Keana series by Ishizawa Lab, the Rice Cream for Skin Care is classed as the holy grail of beauty products in Japan. It is made only of organic Japanese rice and does an excellent job of combating dryness. Apply a little to your skin and enjoy the benefits of better-looking, glowing skin!

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