Japan has a love for pets that manifests itself in ways that are almost always cute but also often bizarre. And so you get all manner of cat and dog fashion, plus genuinely inventive and clever gadgets, acccessories, furniture, and more.

Here’s a very simple but effective addition to the Japanese pet catalog.

The Neko Pochi Anti-Cat Keyboard Cover is designed to protect your computer from unwanted feline paws that may tap where they shouldn’t be tapping.

neko pochi cat cover tray keyboard protection

The yellow, blue or clear tray slides over your keyboard. You can keep on using your keyboard while it is protected by the cover, or you can place the tray over your keyboard when you need to leave your desk. Rest assured, your cat won’t accidentally hit the “send” button on that important email while you are taking a bathroom break.

neko pochi cat cover tray keyboard protection

The cover also functions as a regular mini shelf or display stand (e.g. you could put a calendar or clock on it), and can even help you really multi-task when working at your desk. For example, keep your tablet or phone on top while you type below to view and use several devices at once!

neko pochi cat cover tray keyboard protection

In a similar vein, there is also the “anti-cat” chair, which is designed to fold down and prevent a pesky feline from hijacking your precious seat while you are away from your desk.

ice ball mold japanese

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