So if you hated the way that a minor subcultural activity like injecting saline into your forehead was blown up (no pun) into a mainstream beauty “trend” by foreign media, then check out this latest ridiculous example of distortion.

Now “apparently” Japanese women are wearing diapers to avoid going to the toilet at work!

japanese women diaper office lady pee nappy trend myth

If western websites like Oddity Central and the notorious Huffington Post are to be believed (and they are not):

In America, adult diapers are mainly for old people, but in Japan, young women have begun wearing diapers as a way to level the playing field with menfolk.

The logic goes that men are dirty, awful slobs and have much lower standards when it comes to domestic cleanliness and personal grooming. Therefore, women have decided to become gross via leaving dishes in the sink, not removing body hair and peeing their pants.

Rather than getting up to squat over the weird hole in the floor of a bathroom that passes as a commode in the Far East, (some) women in Japan have decided that they’d rather wear a diaper and let nature take its course.

japanese women diaper office lady pee nappy trend myth

But as commenters on the nefarious foreign articles have pointed out, the original Japanese article is just one interview with one person going by a fake name. The writer even makes a point of saying at the end that they do NOT want this to become popular.

And for the record, most offices have extremely nice toilets — often ones that are heated and even with music-making devices so you can hide the sounds of your pee (and there are also mobile versions you can take around with you if you are particularly shy).

Now, there IS a minor underground “adult baby” cosplay scene in Japan but it is precisely that: an underground fetish for serious people interested in doing something decidedly different.

The day that office ladies start wearing nappies so they can keep on slaving away for the corporate machine while they pee in their panties is the day I quit Japan. And neither is about to happen any time soon.

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  • d December 21, 2012

    HI I’m a 26 yr old Canadian mail and I wear diapers because I like the way they feel ! I originally wore them because i had prostate cancer but I wish I tried them sooner ! And those who judge ar scared to be judged themselves and have nothing better to do so get A life !!!!!!!!!

  • d December 21, 2012

    LOL male***