Artist Asami Kiyokawa, known for her extravagant combination of embroidery and photography, and collaborations with top models and actresses, has got together with Starbucks Japan to create a special Starbucks Card that uses augmented reality.

asami kiyokawa starbucks card augmented reality butterfly

Kiyokawa’s design is an unsurprisingly floral effort that features a prominent butterfly motif. By using the smartphone AR app junaio with the card, you can watch as the butterfly comes to life and seems to fly.

asami kiyokawa starbucks card augmented reality butterfly

The AR Butterfly Starbucks Card will be popular with female patrons, no doubt, especially those who want to have gold butterflies fluttering around their coffee cups. Users can take pictures of the scenes they create and then share them on social media.

asami kiyokawa starbucks card augmented reality butterfly

It will be available from most Starbucks outlets around Japan from June 4th as a gift card of ¥1,000 (or more) while stocks last.

asami kiyokawa starbucks card augmented reality butterfly

Starbucks is now the second largest coffee shop chain in Japan, present in all but one prefecture. It frequently launches these kinds of campaigns to maintain its brand image in the face of its expansion. These include a collaboration with the studio nendo to create special coffee mugs, a “Japanese crafts” coffee shop in Meguro, and publishing its own “frappuccino fashion” magazine.


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  • Cel October 29, 2014

    Will this app work outside Japan? I can’t seem to make it work using Junaio. I am here in Southeast Asia.

  • Japan Trends
    Japan Trends (Post author) October 30, 2014


    Were you trying with the Starbucks Card? According to the campaign website, the augment reality content was only available until July 15th.

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