Have you ever wanted a hot guy to pop round to your office and wipe away your tears?

Well, there’s a service for that now.

Yes, Japan now has the “Ikemeso Danshi” service where a good-looking man (ikemen) comes to your workplace to dab at your wet eyes with a handkerchief.

ikemeso danshi crying man delivery service japan tokyo office workplace

The service is devised by rui-katsu founder Hiroki Terai, who has made “tear-seeking” for stress relief into quite a lucrative business. He even released a photography book of “crying hunks” earlier this year.

“Ikemeso Danshi” is short for “Ikemen de mesomeso naku dansei”, which we might translate as “good-looking men who cry”.

ikemeso danshi crying man delivery service japan tokyo office workplace

There’s currently a choice of six hunky chaps to choose from, each offering a slightly different kind of experience. There’s a dentist, a “bad boy”, an intellectual type, and more…

ikemeso danshi crying man delivery service japan tokyo office workplace

You place an order for an Ikemeso “courier” and your man arrives some time later to help you relieve all that office stress. Together you watch sad videos to get those tear ducts flowing.

Your selected ikemen will also romantically place his hand on the wall behind you (an apparently seductive move known as kabe-don) and also gently touch your cheek.

Orders for these most lachrymose of deliveries are presently only taken from corporations located in the Kanto region around Tokyo, with fees starting at ¥7,900 ($65). (Japanese boffins will spot the pun here — naku, or “cry”, can be written as “79”.)

If there proves to be a need for this kind of service, we’re not quite sure what that tells us about Japanese women and conditions in the offices where they work.

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  • Avatar
    jon celayeta October 13, 2015

    Hello. I would like to work like ikemeso. I am from spain and my face is beautiful. I am a tipical person of europe.
    My email is [email protected].
    It is possible you can contact with me to speak about the work.
    Thank you.
    Jon celayeta.

  • Avatar
    Thiago April 16, 2017

    Hello, I am Brazilian with Japanese descent! I would like to work as ikemeso …
    you can contact with me to speak about the work..

    Thank you.

  • Avatar
    Jack April 11, 2019

    Hi, I would like to do this, but as a real man, I do not cry. Am 5’10”, muscular in a non-deformed and tasteful way, have a full set of hair, but am missing my front tooth. Additionally, I have some nose hairs that protrude from my nostrils. To my dismay, upon plucking these nemeses new ones return overnight. These superfluous hairs also appear to be growing from my ear canal. That said, I am hygienic because I use Dove soap with lotion. I consistently brush my teeth once a month and enjoy dancing in front of the mirror to death metal. Dear ladies, I love you all: from Los Angeles, California, USA.

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