The Land of Idols is an upcoming feature documentary about female idols in Japan.

the land of idols music japan documentary

Director Jean-Armand Bougrelle promises the camera will follow the everyday lives of idols, from rehearsals to recordings, shoots, concerts, fan meetings and more. “We want the audience to feel like they are right there, next to the idols.”

From sprawling urban Tokyo to the rural hamlets of Japan, from record breaking mega girl-bands to underground idols of Akihabara, The Land of Idols offers a journey through one of the most significant creations of Japanese pop culture.

There will be interviews with idols, managers, fans, ex-idols, wannabe idols, and even scholars.

The filmmakers assert their tone will be light and positive, not seeking to moralize or judge the world of idols.

Participating groups include pigtail hair idol group Drop (below), Luchino Fujisaki, and Kyueens.

To help fund the documentary, the team is currently running an Indiegogo campaign.

While groups like AKB48 have release several feature documentaries and Perfume also announced their first documentary recently (covering their 2014 world tour), this is the first feature documentary about the phenomenon of idols in Japan we know of made by outside parties.


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